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Remnant 2 review
by BloodScorchedSun

Gunfire Games once again delivers a solid and fun experience that gets even better with friends. The gameplay is solid and the addition of even more archetypes and customization makes for a great game. The shear variety and randomization of areas and the experience is one of the major things that stands out in this game. There is easily enough content to keep players engage for upwards of 100 hours depending how much they want to get out of the game. The story is kind of meh this time around. I love the multiple worlds aspect of it but there is so much dialogue that I just didn't care about while playing. I enjoyed most of the worlds but having Yaesha return and having N'Erud be so similar to Rhom in terms of tone was a bummer. I really enjoyed Losomn pretty much just being a love letter to Bloodborne. I really want to see another game in this series with new improvements but I'd like to see all new worlds. This being available for only $50 makes this a very appealing game to dive into with a few friends. 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
«Beaten more than once»

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Didn't disapoint.
The side stories of the game are better then the big picture. If you are looking forward into playing this game, wait untill all dlc's are out.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
An enjoyable second offering. 

+ A good, fun challenge without being overbearing 
- Getting knocked down and waiting forever to stand back up 

Date Completed: 2023-12-28 
Playtime: 18h 
Enjoyment: 8/10 
Recommendation: Yes
Woo hoo gamepass shadow drop! Love it. I only played the first because it was on gamepass and I ended up loving it. It’s one of my bigger surprise gamepass finds so I’m definitely excited to play the sequel, especially since I’ve heard everyone say it’s better.

Beat the short prologue and the opening area and first world boss. Similar to the first game, I feel like the game takes a little bit to get going and it hasn’t fully kicked off yet. You don’t get a lot of gear early on, and I found the opening area to be alright, but I’m hoping I enjoy the subsequent areas more. The desert with poison clouds on the edges was a little bit underwhelming. It’s a bit bland aesthetically. I also explored like the whole zone before finally finding the vault I needed to progress so at the end there I was starting to get a bit annoyed with getting lost. Enemy variety and design was okay but not great. I did enjoy the first few boss fights and the word boss was cool. Gameplay in general feels good. The shooting is tight. I’m still optimistic about this game because the last way took awhile too before I was absolutely loving it. I need a bit more character progression and builds diversity to kick in.

I loved the labyrinth boss fight. I died a lot but it was very creative and fun.  

The next area, the lush forest one, is better. I think they should open with the lush forest because it looks so much nicer. And then later in the game go to the desolate poison desert where it’s harsh and make it an especially challenging area near the end. That works better.

I’ve been playing around with some guns. I downgraded my rifle to use the old school cowboy repeater looking thing. Which I do like, it’s pretty good but I miss the sniper rifle. I think I’m going to have to go back. I’ve tested out a few different secondaries but none have stood out yet. The early repeater was maybe my favourite so far. I wish I didn’t downgrade those guns. That was a mistake.

I’m sometimes getting a bit frustrated because I’m getting lost off or confused by puzzles but I’ve been liking most of the levels and puzzles. The locations have been more interesting. 

I’m liking R2. It’s currently a mid B+, and I can see it still rising. But, it isn’t drawing me in as much as the first one. I think this one is better, but also more of the same and not as interesting this time around. 

One reason I’m finding R2 to be less enjoyable than the first is it’s been a bit too easy. Earth on there was a bit of challenge but I’ve been cruising through recently.

Beat it. I really enjoyed the boss fights in this game. They were mostly quite challenging and enjoyable. The maps themselves were a bit of a let down in comparison. They were too easy. Not enough challenge. I’m still down to play this developers next game because they know how to make great gameplay. The story and lore I couldn’t have cared less about. It looked dumb. But the gameplay was fun.  This is another example of a sequel that I think is objectively better than the first but I preferred the first one because it was fresh and original at the time. Ends a mid B+ which is lower than I would have predicated. Still a fun game though.

Final Score: B+
The overall gameplay loop is awesome and you can feel the QoL and improvements that the devsmade from the first entry given that they had more time to work on this second entry. It never felt boring or grinding. It felt way harder than the first one. This is really the dark souls with guns, but in a good way.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»

The terrible plot, cringe dialogs, boring prologue, and bad single-player gameplay made me uninstall this game after 2 hours of playing it. Since I liked the first one, I will give it another shot when my girlfriend buys it, but right now... oh my god.

Stop throwing these games to get easy money. It looks so low effort that makes me sad.
«I could make it better»