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Counter-Strike 2 review
by Notly

«Counter-Strike 2» is a new stage in gaming with «Source 2» engine this pivotal upgrade ushers in a new level of realism and gameplay, transforming the old formula into something unique and exhilarating.

One of the most noticeable changes in «Counter-Strike 2» is the enhanced graphics and lighting. With the «Source 2» engine, every texture, object, and character looks more realistic. The game's lighting is stunning, with effects like shadows, reflections, and beams of light creating an atmosphere and adding depth to each map.

The game's physics model allows objects to react more accurately to players actions, adding a new strategic depth to gameplay. This also influences how players interact with the environment, creating unique gaming opportunities.

The water effects in «Counter-Strike 2» are simply awe-inspiring. «Source 2» enables the creation of water surfaces with realistic waves, reflections, and refractions.

This installment is poised to propel «CS2» to new heights of popularity in the near future.

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shit game tbh, I'm just too addictive to quit