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Cave Story+ review
by danielugr

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«Blew my mind»
Really don't know how this one is such a classic. Cringe-y dialogue, constantly takes control away to spew plot and exposition at you, non-existent level design, combat that's Metal Slug but worse, and reliance on fetch quests that not-so-subtly hide the lack of exploration.

Don't know how it's categorized as a Meteoidvania, either, unless it takes five hours to get to a new ability. In which case, it's not worth playing to get to that point, either.
There are some one-person-made games that have attained a lot of praise but to me, the most noteworthy might be Cave Story, it has an irresistible charm in every aspect imaginable, and when you hit the credits cutscene you'll be prompted to start a new game+ right away.

Cave Story has stellar and commendable gameplay, it blends platforming and shooting beautifully, always giving you balanced challenge and rewarding jumps. It's structured like a Metroidvania type of game borrowing a little the shooting and platforming aspects from Metroid and a similar narrative structure from Castlevania, although it is its own thing. Story-wise, I was hooked immediately with the art direction and music, the script is great and has an unbelievable and seamless tone shift between whimsical, comedic and often darker moments, its simply brilliant.

Speaking of its length, its a relatively short experience, it took me roughly 5.30 hours to complete but having several endings and combinations, it is a positive thing, which makes it more replayable. The music is also incredible, and it hits the right notes to set the mood in each area, and sometimes it cuts abruptly to make a moment more dramatic.

This edition comes with a little soundtrack cd and an instruction manual with some cool artwork and hints in it, it also has a co-op local mode which I couldn't try, and you can shift freely between original graphics or remastered, is it also possible to change the style of music in 4 variations; original, remastered, rock instrumental (?) and a one that sounds more chiptune than the others, it's not necessary but it makes your replays more enjoyable.

There's not a big issue within this game, some bosses are way too easy and the last boss can be a little frustrating but that's all, it doesn't ruin your experience at all, maybe the jumping physics are a little hard to grasp at the beginning but nothing too bothersome.

Overall I'll recommend this game to anyone who owns a Switch and especially those Metroidvania fans, it has a balanced challenge and interesting story that is kind of hard to put the control down.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from French
So you may have heard about cellar story that has a reputation for Phew, and you said you were going to buy it. Before putting €15 in go rather played the Flash version of the game (free) to get you an idea, that's what I should have done instead of stupidly following the populace. I played about 2 hours at this game, from what I saw on the net it's about 50% of the title, and I got rather bored. After that is perhaps the kind that does not suit me. I hate going back and forth like that. Overall you cross the same level from left to right 4-5 times with the monsters that repopent each time. I don't see where the fun is in it. The gameplay is sympathetic, the gun system with levels is a good idea. The game is well done (level design, progression)... Everyone says that the story is excellent, the musics GRANDIOSE, the beautiful graphics... Yes good would have to calm down a little. I see on video games. com 19/20 on the part of the reader, I am rather in the opinion of the editor who put a 16. I played on the version cellar story + on PC and overall I am rather on the side of the editor. For the graphics, I'm not the kind to be too looking at the top, actually I'm crazy not bad, Rivaol to put 12/20 to the Wii version, good why not. It doesn't shock me. On the other hand putting more than 16 it'll shock me a little more already. I'm sorry but the artistic direction is not that great, and I will add that there is "pixel'art" and "pixelART" look at a screen of FEZ, it's pixel art too but it still has another mouth. The music, good I just relisten to the OST there, and I'm sorry but put off 2-3 nice pieces, there's no way to break three Paws to a duck. We're going to say "Yep but it's 8 bits you know nothing about". Well then agree it's 8 bits, and it's true they are original and stick very well to the game, but if the music were so great that I would want to listen to them even when I play, and there it would not even come to the idea. So for summary, the music do their job, they stick to the game, add the identity to the title, but they do not talk about genius here please. If the game hadn't been done by only one guy, I think most people would have much less well rated (on all levels). I have no particular criticism for the story (except maybe some inconsistencies? A Yes, last point, I could not play with my Xbox controller, and we can not configure the keys a little annoying. So try the original version, if you like it eventually you can afford cellar story +. Here's my opinion