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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty review
by BloodScorchedSun

Contains Spoilers:

This DLC is very good and the continued fixing and refinement of the base game just shows how great this could've been at launch. I think there are a lot of smart moves for the gameplay changes they made and adding some new quality of life stuff. I think the new storyline is good and has so good characters added in. What is kind of shady is that I feel like in marketing, this DLC was sold as the true happier ending to the game. A way out of V's inevitable death via the Relic. The main storyline of PL does push this but in the end it's a lie and you are back to square one. In the ending where you finally do have the relic removed and live, it's at such a great cost that V is completely powerless to defend themselves. I'm not even saying the game needs a glowing happy ending, just one that is a little less depressing. It seems the devs really do live by the "No happy endings in Night City" mantra. To me there could be an ending where you don't remove the Relic and it's merc business as usual with Johnny along as a sidekick of sorts. Real preem. My main issue is that the devs know a lot of fans wanted to see V be able to come out slightly on top, maybe settle down with Judy like they deserve but they used this longing to sell false hope and that is kind of shitty in my opinion.

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One of the BEST experiences I've ever had.

This will stay in my mind for a very looong time.

I got so immersed in possibly one of the best detailed worlds I've seen in any game.
The characters are so believable & interesting.

The gameplay is super fun.

& the music is very nice.

Would recommend to anyone & everyone.
Well, I envy people who start the game for the first time. It's the best version of the game to play. Cyberpunk looks as awesome as it could be with RTX PathTracing with HDR on OLED display. DLC story is good, and it adds to the main story as well. 2.0 adds some more variety to the gameplay, but there's still more to be desired. The new district is a bit small and not all missions are interesting, but most of them are good enough. Idris Elba is a good addition to Keanu. 8 of 10
«Liked before it became a hit»
The game is perfect ! Can't say anything bad about it
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»

Cyberpunk 2077 had a tragically rough release, full of performance problems, bugs, and unmet expectations. Phantom Liberty remedies the majority of these problems, both through an overhaul to the base game (Cyberpunk 2077 2.0) and the addition of a new storyline. The rough edges have been smoothed over, and the new content keeps the game fresh and engaging for a new playthrough.

At face value, Cyberpunk 2077 is a fairly standard game—a scifi/cyberpunk first person shooter with RPG elements, edgy story and characters, and a massive open world—nothing revolutionary. However, the incredible amount of detail work, apparent in every facet of the game, done at such a high level of quality, is what makes it shine.
«Can’t stop playing»