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Ghostrunner 2 review
by zNeverSleep

To be honest, I think I expected more.

It's good, but not as solid as the first one. I understand that they wanted this game to be as friendly as possible to new players, but the progression paid the price. The beginning is kinda slow if you came to this game right after playing the predecessor. Naturally, it gets better. The problem is... difficulty.

Ghostrunner 1 was hard at the beginning. but when you get the timing, it starts to get so satisfying. Here, most of the time, the game is too easy. And the boss fights are irresponsible and 90% gimmick. Just to be clear: I'm not asking for a souls-like, just a game with solid difficulty that encourages the player to get a little better.

Beyond that, the graphics are better. The story is more complex than the first one. Althought I didn't understand almost anything because the dialogue was not as interesting as the gameplay. At least, Ghostrunner 1 was straight to the point.

The level design is good most of the time. Could be more challenging, but it's good. The swords are cool, I actually loved the motorcycle, and being outside the tower was fun. The game has a more cinematographic look, with way more magnitude, if you like those types of elements.