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OutDrive review
by JustCozzie

OutDrive is… it’s not a good game, the controls are bad and with no controller support you’re driving everywhere on full steering lock. Just the core gameplay is so basic: You balance a speed bar in the blue zone by not hitting the walls or going too fast, that’s it. It doesn’t get any harder, in fact the only challenge comes from mastering those controls, and the whole game is an endless runner with about 9 MINUTES of content, after that the track just loops back ‘round until you get bored and quit, there isn’t even a leaderboard. That actual real life money is being charged for this is an affront to the many excellent games you could be playing right now completely for free. One of those is Nitronic Rush which I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone thinking of wasting money on this game.
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What's going on? Our Girlfriend is shot at by whoever. To keep them alive, we have to drive, drive and drive again in "OutDrive." That's the Main Task in the little Game here. Let's drive slowly our Girlfriend falls asleep. Let's Drive too fast she dies too. Our Music also adapts to our Speed. Let's drive slowly, the Music is slow. Let's Drive too fast the Music runs a little faster. The Music is dioe's greatest Strength in this Game! Basically, it's also a little Music Game rather. There is no End to the One goal. But... Driving as long as possible xD In Doing hindernishes, for example, such as Car Blockage or from a helicopter Escape. The Game is quite nice but it lacks variety on duration. It's a Pity: There is no Leaderboard or so where we can compete with Friends. That would have given the Game a kind of Motivation if you want to beat the Best Time of Friend XY. Verdict: The Music alone was worth the few euros to me;) Is a Game for between but also here you are better served with Audisurf, for example.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Before You buy, you should know that this is more about a "relaxation game" or a "NoBrainer." You don't have to be able to do much and what you have to be able to do is not much. You're driving Old-school moderation like in the Arcades only in 3d through a virtual 90s Sci-fi style world to keep your Girlfriend alive. (No story spoiler because the Story is totally deep and so ^^) Well, the Name "OutDrive" is probably an approximate "OutRun" Of a racing game on the Sega Game Gear And also believe other Platforms. Your most important Buttons are suitable only Left and Right to drive into the Corners and Shift for acceleration. Only from time to time a few Cars that drive in your Way or a Roadblock as Blockages can really put the brakes on you, but in general it can become really dangerous for you. "Goal of the Game" is to maintain optimal Speed (too fast = Overheat, too slow = Girlfriend dead). As I said, only a few Things can really slow you down and should you almost come to stand so that most of the time you usually still have enough Time to get really there. It doesn't really get any harder with Time either and you only have a seees-long distance where you spawn Random. The Route changes the Scene in the City, Beach, mountains, Etc., but in The End Somehow remains the same. Also, there is no Goal or anything ... You could theoretically drive hours if you don't make Too big a mistake. But what else did I ride to make a Recommendation? Well because I find the Game kind of entertaining. I like the Graphics in a retro 90s look. Then the great Strength of the Game is the Music, which of course is also close to the 90s Synt-pop songs and you can put it perfectly to just switch off. That'S why I recommend the Game ALLERDINGS ONLY to those who have a good Connection to the 90s and just like me, something I need to just go down. In addition, you should play With arcade Lastingen games and know and play for everyone the OutRun will also be a little Revival. That, at least, Is how I felt about it. :) Everyone else may rather leave their Fingers off it. In terms of price, I got for €1.79, which was absolutely ok for what you get. £2.99without a Discount is also ok alone for the Mukke. ;)