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Call of Duty: Black Ops III review
by maratdum123

Перемещения во времени, противники падающие буквально с неба, летающая баба с супер способностями, куча каких-то роботов и дронов, в первой локации половина противников женского пола, другая половина роботы, что выглядит как какой-то сюр и игра сразу даёт понять какого уровня тут будет сюжет, бесполезные абилки (вроде бега по стенам) которые используются пару раз за игру, обвесы пушек (которые так же не нужны как и 90% абилок, всю игру пробегал с пулемётом который дают в начале игры, к другим пушкам не прикасался вообще, к тому же их даже нельзя подбирать со врагов без специальной абилки, лол), абсолютно неинтересный сюжет, как в принципе и во всех остальных колдах, но тут шиза разработчиков выходит на новый, недосягаемый до этого уровень, к тому же количество кат сцен доведено до маразма, 8 КАТСЦЕН ПОДРЯД!!!! 8 КАРЛ!
В целом если у вас нет цели пройти все части колды, как у меня, то игру смело скипайте, геймплей на 5/10 даже по меркам колды, всё остальное в игре оставляет желать лучшего. Игру естественно купил в зелёном магазине (Данный товар не доступен в вашем регионе), поэтому мультиплеер заценить возможности не было.
«Waste of time»

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I want to give this a meh, bit i put waaaaay too many hours into prop hunt (and only prop hunt) to not recommend it.
«Disappointment of the year»
6/10 - I had fun with the MP when it came out. A decent time-killer if you got friends, or want to banter with random teenagers swearing at you.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Game joined. Pawned. Short with Double jump, and shredded by inescapable Rocket. Leaving the Game. Briefly calmed down and back in and n played bit longer. The Gameplay feels like a common CoD only with Double Jump, Wallrun and Bonus Weapons available as with Titanfall after some Time, which can be shortened by Shots. Plus a strange Class system from Team Fortress. Unlike Titanfall, the Whole Movement System just doesn't feel good, as nothing is matched. It is undynamic and unsatisfactory And inalizable Killstreaks destroy the Flow of the Game as always, so That Rumhopping and Wallrun degenerates into The Self-murder at The touch Of a button instead of strategic Play. Double Jump + Case Damage isn't exactly the best Idea a Developer can have. Technically, the Game is also under all Sow, which could be due to the beta status of the Software. It jerks on high Settings and by missing Servers there is lags without End. Verdict: Don'T buy. Please Do not Support such high-quality Products.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Beta does not include the max of The graphics Settings! Not all Weapons and Cards------Unfortunately, the Default Settings are not set well. Because without Change the Mouse seems spongy, you don't meet the People properly etc.:-Mouse Filtering and Mouse Acceleration should be completely set to 0-Shadow settings on Gering-VSync off-AA only on FXAA-Number max image repetition Freq. Adjust-Transparency from-dynamic Shadows out-Ambient Coverage from Otherwise it's a Mix of AW and BO2 ... Unfortunately. Sure, it does some Things better than AW, like some Guns and Grenades. Also by the many Specialists with their skills. And there are new Points, new possibilities of Movement etc The Maps are well constructed. Not too big and not too small Despite the many Innovations, it is unfortunately again only a minimal Improvement to AW, I find. Since I knew Titanfall, the Hovering and Wall running etc has slipped out .. As a result, I have passed more and more of my Desire for Gameplay. Clearly it is only a Beta and it does not currently include the complete Game. But for the most part, you can easily see what BO3 is all about. I don't like BO3 because of the non-existent max graphics settings, few Maps etc. That's just the Gameplay and Feel ... The Future or to modern Shooters destrodles the good OLD BO2, MW2 Feeling. We want to stink normal CoDs again. Even if I don't know what you could change so it's minimally different from the ones mentioned. Develop Old Standard Call of Dutys or stop the Series ... Would be best