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Dota 2 review
by pankee

The best game I can hardly recommend.

Dota 2 truly is a marvelous achievement.
The game in itself is amazing. The gameplay is fantastic, the game is balanced and when a game goes right and teamplay happens, it's a joy.
The issue is - teamplay rarely happens. The community, like in most multiplayer games, is where issues start appearing. The constant toxicity can turn your game from a pleasant experience into a special kind of hell.

If you want to get into it, I would recommend starting with a bunch of friends.
They have made tremendous progress to help ease new players into the game and the Free-To-Play model is undoubtedly the best in the market (everything is free).

Playing with friends - Exceptional.
Playing alone - It varies between 'Good time' to 'I want to kill myself'.
It really pains my heart to see such an amazing game plagued by its terrible community.
«Better with friends»

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if you want a moba, this is a good one
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of all! It is important to note that the Game is free and therefore reviews relate to whether the Game is not rubbish Despite its non-existent Price. Also, it is not a Pay 2 Win game, only skins are available for purchase, which does not affect the Game. Thus, in my Opinion, most negative Reviews are unjustified. What is Dota? Dota is a Game of Catogeria "MOBA." Basically, everyone should be aware of this Type of Game. Now the Only question is whether you want to try the Game. Did Answer: Definitely. why? To do this, you should read these und/or other Reviews. My Beginning Initially I hadn't thought of Any MOBAs. When, after some Time, a Friend with almost a lot of opinion decided to take a closer Look at the Game, he was pleasantly surprised. Then I Decided to test the Game at some point. After Months, the time had finally come and I, too, was positively surprised. After only a short Time we were even able to get another Friend, who surprisingly Found his Fun at the Game sooner or later. Since time immemorial, we have been playing regularly without having Lost the Game. The Game itself and the Beginning Should be new to business like me, it is almost Obligatory first and Foremost to look at Tutorials and The Like, because the Mechanics are not comparable to most Other Genres. After a fairly short Time you should also play against other Players. Even if you don't know all or not very little, the rest of the knowledge comes on its own, whether it's simply because you always find out new ones and sometimes even Players are nice enough to give some of a Tip. If you're Lucky, you might have a Friend who already knows the Game and leads you into the Game. The Comparison to other MOBA Even if Dota is the only MOBA I play, I have heard many things about other MOBA. For example, Dota is supposed to be heavier than others, which I don't find. At least I don't find it hard in general. Also, many Heroes in their Look.Skill should resemble each other strongly. But overall, they probably differ only on (very) a few Levels. The Graph I have no References to other MOBA here either, but I have to say that the Game looks good and not bad In any Case, just Right by the many Customization Options. Among the System Requirements: Even if you have a bad PC, the Game should run halfway smoothly. My Reasons for the Game: It's free No Pay 2 Win Low System Requirements Giant Community (Millions of Players) Around 10% negative Reviews speak for themselves Many Tutorials that greatly make it easier to Get you started In the Game Permanent Updates, which is also the More often new free Content offers Very many Customization options in the Form of skins for everything around 100 different heroes, all of which are completely different and provide a varied Gaming Experience. Don't just want To watch tutorials before playing The genre interacts a not Me it often happens that I play against too strong Opponents, who sometimes decide all by yourself the Outcome of the Game Also with me often Low-race Series (5-10 Games) occurred that should not occur in a skill-based Matchmaking of this Magnitude Not all Players are of the English Language authorized Games can go up to 90 min conclusion: The Game is free and also no Pay 2 Win, so should consider a one-man Ask the Question if you want to try the Game. And I can only say yes to that. :) Best game!
4000 hours into this speak for themselfes!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
«Disappointment of the year»
I dont like this game.
Completely interesting cybersport game
«Can’t stop playing»
Highly addictive game. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The main e-sports game. Better than football, more interesting than anything else.
«Waste of time»
disbalanced game. you can win just picking better heroes and farming forest
«Waste of time»
The game is a living legend, so it’s really hard ti review. Dota 2 is also a thriving pro cybersport with the biggest prizes, that means the game will be up for a long time with new patches and updates coming regularly. I’ve had so much fun playing it that I barely noticed 2000 hours passed.

Though popular the game is, but I must tell that it is not an easy pastime. You will be beaten, humiliated, hated, abused, tortured, broken and finally dead lots of times. And yet it’s hard to stop playing, coz you get superhigh when you win a 60 minute fight. The extraordinary number of players also leads to the phenomenon: no matter how well you play, there are always thousands guys who play better than you do. Keep this in mind if you only start playing now, there’s just no point in trying to become the best, that is just not possible.

It also has probably the highest concentration of douchebags, fumbfucks, dickheads and Dunning-Kruger patients in the entire gaming community. So the social part of playing often looks like this: one sane guy constantly tells his party of a few crazy guys to fight enemies, not each others.

If you are not afraid of all of the above, then give it a try, and you’ll get probably the best free MMO of all times with more than a hundred heroes and items, infinite replayability.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»