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60 Seconds! Reatomized review
by xXWoodinatorXx

This seems like a pretty simple game but I like the idea of it. I feel like it would be better though if you were able to scavenge from houses multiple times, not just your own house at the start. I thought when you sent out players into the world you would actually be able to play that part. It seems like a big missed opportunity.

This game is funny though. I’ve chucked a few times. Both the writing and the art is funny. The defeated and exhausted look on the survivors can be pretty funny.

I definitely want to at least beat this game once. With at least one family member. I don’t need everybody to survive. 

Im liking this game but I can tell there is a version of this game that’s a bit more elaborate that I’d like even more. If they made a game like this where you get to scavenge multiple times and there were maybe a few more resources to manage, or just tasks to do in general it’s be better. It’s very basic what the game lets you do. Rationing food and water doesn’t take any brain power, and a lot of the “decisions” are just “do you have the required item for this random encounter” rather than actually deciding what to do. 

I had a couple runs that felt pretty long. 79 days was my best. I never could survive though. I’m pretty bored now though so I’m calling it.

Final Score: B-