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Final Fantasy XVI review
by chrono14

Oh my... this game is epic. Story was well paced (except for the middleish area it was kind of a filler type scenerio) and overall this game was hype. Graphics, soundtrack, and story was 10/10. It wasn't too difficult but it was enough to keep being engaged.

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-Masterful composed soundtrack
-Masterful combat 
-Best "giant battles" in gaming
-Beautiful graphics and cutscenes
-Likable and well-written cast.
-Excellent world-building.
-Main story is great until the third act.

-Third act
-Exploring is not really rewarding
-Design of how equipment works is weird
-Sidequests could be better
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»
The story and world-building are excellent, so is some of the presentation. But quality control and placement are all over the place. Combat system is not enjoyable until about 40 hours in and has zero depth (elements mean nothing, no meaningful strategy, builds, or even combos). And this game is ONLY combat, excruciatingly dull fetch quests or unanimated (and sometimes unvoiced!) dialogue, or indulgently long animated cutscenes where you occasionally mash square. It should have been a movie or TV show, because however good the characters and world are it's a miserable videogame.
«Disappointment of the year»