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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review
by oriodesign

I have very mixed feelings after completing this game. It's been defined as masterpiece by many reviewers and there have been indeed many great moments throughout my 80 hours of gameplay, but at the same time there are so many elements which I didn't enjoy at all. I really didn't appreciate what they are doing here bringing the multiverse into the already complex FF7 story. It was a beloved story with no reason to change it. Many of the best moments were ruined and made confusing for the sake of keep the story open for a third game including the controversial ending.

I also have to mention Chadley, which is such an annoying character and it seems taken from some other generic anime series. They decided for some reason to make it even more present in this game and you will hear his annoying voice and suggestions for every sub-quest. Subjectively it seems the character with most dialogue lines in the entire game. You will probably want to disable the speaker in the DualSense so that you don't have to hear from him anymore.

The open world tasks become also repetitive very fast with countless rocks to scan and towers to climb which don't add anything to the immersion and they are just a chore. Also all the Chadley's VR related tasks they seemed completely redundant having already fought the same monsters in the real world.

Despite all of these negative points it's a great game where the relations between the different main characters shine, where the graphic and the soundtrack are exceptional and many beloved locations and events come to life like never before. I really wish they made a shorter exceptional game instead of padding it with so many hours of average gameplay and all these mini games and repetitive tasks. Unfortunately they are continuing the multiverse idea at detriment of the main narrative and raw feelings that it carried.