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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix review
by Notly

«Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix» is a game in which we first saw «Hogwarts» from the movies.

The game recreates «Hogwarts» with incredible detail and fidelity to the films, allowing players to explore every corner of the school, revealing its secrets.

An «almost open world» with quests, where players can freely roam Hogwarts and complete various tasks, adding depth and development to the game world.

Navigation in the game is good, as the «Marauder's Map» with markers is very convenient, making movement around «Hogwarts» clear and it's difficult to get lost in the game.

By the way I played with a gamepad. And this is the best control option available, as casting spells with a keyboard and mouse is very inconvenient.

I want to note that the game has a bad camera that cannot be rotated. This constantly obstructs the view of the surrounding world, and there is no opportunity to look around.

Overall, «Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix» offers an engaging experience of immersing into the world of «Hogwarts», with quests, interesting characters, and a multitude of opportunities for exploration. Despite some drawbacks, the game is still good and will captivate fans of the series.

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