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Card Quest review
by Lusfier

A game often reviewed for what it is not rather than what it is. This isn't a deck builder, nor does it try to be so.

You pick a class and some equipment, and said choices determine the "deck" you'll be using; you do not earn individual cards per say but rather alternate equipment that comes with its own set of cards. Because of this your cards do not grow in numbers, but rather you are presented with the option of engaging in alternate playstyles.

What I specifically like about Card Quest is that when you make it further and further, it's not because you have a better or increasing set of cards, but rather because you, the player, get better at knowing when and were to use them. And perhaps it's mastery is not in winning with the strongest cards (equipment), but rather in eventually winning with even the weakest combinations.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free early access review 3 companions United by the bonds of blood, magic and discretion; they sail on the outskirts of the river of unpretentious evil. A Kingdom invaded and at the mercy of the demon, an ode to destruction. Our heroes know how to confront these many dangers, they propagate absolution. In the dark and damaging corners of this underground, I have these evil-possessed warriors. Crossing a swamp and slimy mud like sanies, you have to keep your head high to not sink into infamy. Dimension altered and conducive to your path, you écard and pull out a hand of cards. The towers follow each other beyond all hope and salvation points the end of the muzzle, without vehemence. Potions, spells, stealth attacks and Demonology, will be your companions of an eternal life. Go Knight, go sorcerer, to cherish your destiny, not to mention that your talent is your beloved... RPG-deck-style, dungeons and dragons, turn-by-turn excellent.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
In this game using a deck of cards will fight against enemies that are in different locations connected to each other. There Are 3 Scenarios and the enemies present in each are very different from one another. In Addition, in each scenario are chosen paths so you will find creatures of all kinds. Some are affordable to our deck and others especially complicated to kill with our equipment. There Are 4 different characters: Magician, Archer, Warrior and Rogue. Each has 3 combat styles and 3 or 4 subspecializations that is really difficult to unlock. You Also have to equip clothes or armor, weapons for each hand and other boxes of special objects. Each Object gives us a series of cards so there are many possible combinations. Part of the game is to choose the objects with more synergy among themselves. The objects have to be unlocked based on overcoming scenarios killing their boss. Without going into a detailed explanation of the game system you can say that fighting is puzzles. Our character will not withstand much damage so the goal is to damage the enemies as much as possible in our turn and that in yours to be possible do not touch us. The game is addictive as it is alone. It'S really bin thought and we entertain for waaaaay hours. In the bad part is that the unlocking of objects is slow and very difficult. Me with more than 100 hours of play I have not unlocked everything. That subtracts character configuration options. There Are weapons, shields and objects that could do very well to kill a certain stage manager, but to use them before we will have to overcome that same scenario. That's pretty frustrating to me. I would see with good eyes other options for unlocking because I have the impression that I am missing at least a third of the game. Another bad thing is that the different characters and configurations are desequilibradísimos. For Example: The 2 times I managed to finish the first 2 scenarios was with a very specific configuration for the magician. With other characters or configurations it would have been impossible For me. The game is difficult, too difficult. I ended it because I became obsessed and because I got that configuration. But with other characters once you're in the middle of an adventure everything gets against you and in the end you see no attack or defense options and the enemies dispatch you in a single shift. With all the bad, the game is hilarious. If you do not collect card games, try it. You Might do better than me.