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Fishy Bits review
by Ky2873

This is a good game but it needs more dangers like piranhas, sharks, whales, octopuses, dolphins and sea turtles please.

Also add more obstacles like bombs and swordfish like in fishy bits 2 please.

Also add more smaller fishes like angelfishes, clownfishes, neon tetras and guppies please.

Also Thai game only has an arcade mode so I would like more game modes like story mode, survival mode, challenge mode, puzzle mode, multiplayer mode and speedrun mode please.

Also add customisable obstacles: allow players to design their own obstacles, which could be added to the ocean to avoid.

Also allow reef building: allow players to build and customise their own reefs for the ocean.

Also add some environmental effects like currents and whirlpools please.

Also add in the depths of the ocean some underwater volcanoes please.

Also add some underwater tunnels that offer shortcuts please.

Also add new bigger fishes to avoid like glowing angler leviathans: a massive deep-sea fish with a bioluminescent lure.

Also add some electric eel titans: an enormous eel that can stun players with a powerful electric shock.

Also add some whirlpool whales: a colossal whale that creates whirlpools sucking in unsuspecting players.

Also add some armored arapaimas: a giant, heavily armored fish that impervious to most attacks and requires strategy to evade.

Also add kraken’s cousin: a smaller relative of the mythical kraken with tentacles that can reach out and grab players from a distance.

Also add some crimson barracudas: a swift and aggressive fish with razor-sharp bite, know for it’s sudden burst of speed.

Also this game has a glitch, the glitch is when I play this game it’s kind of laggy.

Also can you please make the big fishes and small fishes swim around in the ocean in this game please.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»