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Supraland Six Inches Under review
by Retro JimmyX

Supraland is so beautifully made. It's also surprisingly immersive with a vibrant and living world. The detail is mind-boggling and only when you really start to discover hidden secrets do you appreciate the passion the devs must have put into this. It all workds flawlessly and the puzzles are meticulously crafted. It's such a chilled game and one of the gew games that hold my attention to the point of wanting to play everyday until complete. But here's the thing right, I've completed but only found less than half of the secrets. Going to put it aside for a few years now it's come off game pass and when I bu and replay it, it'll be nice to rediscover this beautiful title. Highyl recommend buying even if this doesn't look like a game you would typically enjoy, you'll fall in love with the Supraland series. ;-)