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Deliver Us Mars review
by BloodScorchedSun

I really enjoyed Deliver Us the Moon so I thought that I would enjoy this but the janky traversal and drawn out story took away from my enjoyment. The story is the strongest part of the game. The voice work and music are also good. Where the game really stumbles is in its traversal and its puzzles. There is some odd mini game type controls you have to do for launch and ship controls. All fine and good but they just throw it at you with no explanation and fumbling around to find out what they want from you. The main traversal method is using the climbing picks at multiple spots throughout the game. It's super janky on controller with only the up, down, left and right really working well otherwise it felt like it was hitching in movement. It's slow and tedious and hit or miss in spots depending on the room you have to climb. The puzzles were fine but the method of setting up the streams was also glitchy. Multiple times had the streams turn off when I was switching the other stream. The little mini game for watching holograms was very unnecessary. The character models, aside from the main character, were pretty awful and have no necks. There is also so odd lingering in some shots that makes no sense at all. I do appreciate the devs ambition with new system and they were indie so I can forgive a lot of it. I don't think Deliver Us the Moon needed a sequel but it seems like they had a plan for a trilogy but sadly with them seemingly shutting down we won't get to see that come to fruition.

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The story is actually pretty good, theres just a little too much jank everywhere else