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Shadow Warrior (2013) review
by Dawid

+ Interesting plot, dialogues full of clever (and not) jokes
+ Eye catching areas, although would prefer if they were more diverse
+ Weapon arsenal, all weapons matter
+ Manual saving, which really helps it tougher moments
+ Retro areas and pixelated nude women as secrets lol

- Boss fights are way too tedious and their hitbox is like a punishment for our sins
- A lot of glitches and bugs, which can really frustrate
- No maps of areas

TIPS (without spoilers):
> Invest in improving your healing from every source possible
> Don't buy ammo unless necessary, there are lots of it just laying around even on hard difficulty (and you have your katana, bro).. besides, weapon upgrades are more profitable
> Don't hope to find every secret without using guide - some of them are hidden in a mean way
> Do not treat revolver lightly, this weapon is a beast (especially when fully upgraded)
> Aim for the head (duh)
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»

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Very fun and fast. Bossfights are a bit of a chore and the story was better than expected
Great Game
Fast, fun, vicious. A surprisingly good story as well.
This game is just like a B movie, it's not for everyone, it's cheaper budget, it's silly and over the top, but fun to enjoy the ride.
And I was missing these type of main characters like Wang without knowing it!