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Fishy Bits 2 review
by Ky2873

I really like this game but it needs more, so this game has 3 stages, stage 1 where the background colour is light blue which is the sunlit zone, stage 2 where the background colour changes to dark blue which is the twilight zone and stage 3 where the background colour is black which is the midnight zone.

So add new fishes to stage 1 like solar sailfish, reef ranger, sunspot puffer, wave rider seahorse, pearl diver, kelp keeper, shrimmer shrimp, Tidepoll tiddler, sunbeam jelly and coral clown fish please.

Those are some new fishes I would like in stage 1.

Add some new fishes to stage 2 like dusk darter, twilight tang, moonlight manta, gloaming grouper, starlight snapper, neon Nudibranch, eclipse eel, silhouette shark, lanternfish lurker, and nocturne nautilus.

Those are some new fishes I would like in stage 2.

Also add some new fishes to stage 3 like abyssal anglerfish, viperfish vanguard, giant squid specter, phantom jelly, midnight manta, deep-sea dragon, black smoker bivalve, shadow shark, kraken’s kin and bioluminescent bloom.

Those are some new fishes I would like in stage 3.

Also add some new features like weather events: implement weather changes that effect the gameplay, such as storms that bring new predators and currents that push the player around.

Educational content: include fun facts about marine biology and conservation efforts to raise awareness while playing.

Fishy olympics: host an in-game event where players train their fish in various disciplines and compete for medals.

Alien invasion: an event where alien fishes invade so you have to be big enough to eat them.

Mythical sea monsters: encounter legendary creatures like the kraken and loch ness monster.

Also this game only has an arcade mode so I would like more game modes like multiplayer mode, practice mode, story mode with missions and survival mode please.

Also add some more stages please so I would like 9 stages in this game please.

Also add some new obstacles like jellyfish swarms, areas filled with jellyfish that can sting the player and kill them.

That’s all thank you.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»