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Half-Life 2: Update review
by Notly

This mod brings several significant improvements that make the gameplay visually pleasing. Let's take a look at the main aspects of this update.

Improved lighting:
The mod developers have reworked the lighting system, adding realistic and detailed light sources. Now light penetrates through windows, doors, and other objects, creating believable shadows and highlights. This makes the environment more vibrant.

Now you really can't see anything in the dark:
In the original version of the game, many dark areas were not dark enough, making it easier for players to navigate them. In «HL 2: Update», the developers aimed to make the darkness more pronounced. Now, in dark corners, you can hardly see anything, adding an element of horror and tension. Players will have to use their flashlight much more frequently.

In the original game, shadows were quite simple and static. In the «Update», they have become more dynamic. They now correctly react to light sources, move with objects and characters, adding depth and volume to everything happening on the screen.

Improved water:
The developers have added realistic reflections, refractions, and highlights, making the water more believable.

«Half-Life 2: Update» - is a great visual enhancement for the iconic game, bringing many visual improvements while retaining the original spirit and gameplay.