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Still Wakes the Deep review
by BloodScorchedSun

This was a great narrative horror game. As far as gameplay and doing anything overly new for genre it doesn't go overboard but the story and the voice acting are very good. The gameplay is what you'd expect from this type of game with a little bit of vertical traversal mechanics. I enjoyed the blend of mechanical problem solving between its monster segments. The traversal mechanics could be finicky at times. The story is very compelling. Not revealing too much of the mystery as well as the setting really work for the atmosphere of the game. Where this game really shines for me is the voice acting. Everyone in the game does a great job but the main character's actor does such a good job conveying the horror and fatality of his situation. Everything from the Irish shorthand to startled moments of almost falling to his death are all delivered so well and realistically. Id recommend this game to any horror lover. It's a short but tight experience. The $35 price point is nice as well.
«That ending!»