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Fable II: Knothole Island (DLC) review
by Notly

Plot and quests:
The action of «Knothole Island» is set on an island of the same name, which is suffering from catastrophic weather changes. The inhabitants of the island ask the hero for help in restoring normal climatic conditions. The player must complete a series of weather-related quests to save the island and its inhabitants. These quests range from finding artifacts to solving puzzles and battling enemies.

New items and rewards:
The add-on also adds many new items including weapons, armor, and potions that can be found or obtained as rewards for completing quests.

Accessibility and Integration:
«Knothole Island» integrates seamlessly into the main Fable II storyline. Players can visit the island at any time after installing the add-on, making it accessible to both new and continuing players.