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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut review
by Sr_Sandokan

Directors cut, madre de dios, directors cut, un cut le daba al director yo, pero en cierta parte de su anatomía de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme. Vamos a ponernos serios, primero me clavas una pasta por un juego mediocre aprovechandote de que soy un viejuno y siento nostalgia del original (malditos todos) y motivado por tu victoria decides que esto es una película y que puedes volver a sacar el mismo juego añadiendo un contenido extra super especial.
Vamos a ver, contenido extra, eso es por llamarlo de alguna forma, el contenido extra lo podría haber añadido yo grabando los alaridos de mi abuela cuando el gato le mete un zarpazo de improvisto y haciéndolos pasar por los de un monstruo legendario. Eso sí habría sido un contenido extra digno de un nombre como "Directors Cut" pero esto es una broma de mal gusto. Ni Directors cut ni leches, el título debería ser (haciendo honor al pallo de Millenium): "El tipo del futuro con la expresividad de una maceta que vive una historia Directors cut". A ver para cuando sacan Pacman Directors Cut.
«I could make it better»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After three Rounds of Play and almost 100 Hours of Play, I have now decided to write a Review on this Exceptional Title. + + Story with Conspiracies and Augmentation Theme offers interesting and quite realistic science fiction, as well as a certain Form of Social criticism, which encourages further Informed information after the game on both Points. + + Varied and unique Side tasks complement the Main Story or tell a small Story of their own, which always fits well into the Overall Picture. + + Thoughtful Level design, with many different Approaches for each Style of Play. Even in the third Round I was able to discover new Areas and Paths for myself. + + Superior Soundtrack, which is always adapted to the Situation and significantly supports the Atmosphere, as well as a good German Synchronization, which fits perfectly with the Characters. + + Moral Decisions where there is no clear right or wrong, but only the Grey Area in between. + + Rededuels where you have to assess NPCs to argue correctly and achieve the preferred Consequence. + Gameplay is well balanced between Action and Stealth, even if there are more lethal than numbing Weapons, all of which play differently. + Hacker Mini-game to turn off PCs, Switchboards and Security Systems is entertaining and so entertaining that I caught myself hacking the Switchboards or PCs despite the code I found. + The DLC "The Missing Link" is seamlessly inserted into the Story In the Directors Cut. Decisions hardly affect the End. -You don't get around killing the Boss opponents in the Main Game, with the DLC Showing the Boss fights to Be solved differently. Verdict: Despite the now 5-year-old graphic, Deus Ex Human Revolution looks well aged and still plays itself awesome. The Story offers some Twists and Themes that encourage you to think and inform beyond the Game. The moral Choices as well as the Speech Duels stand out particularly Positively, as they leave a lot of room for Manoeuvre and there is no clear right or wrong. The Game time, depending on the Way You play, is between 30-40 Hours if you meet the well-designed Side Missions, which I would recommend to everyone. Also, various Documents, emails and PDA offer detailed Background information, which are Very worth Reading and extend the Game Time even further. The Overall Picture is accompanied by the Golden Graphic Style and the towering Soundtrack. Thus, In my Opinion, Deus Ex Human Revolution is an "almost" perfect Game and a clear "Must play" for anyone who wants to experience a film-ready story in the Action-/Stealth genre.
This is an adventure for hours - you have dozens of awesome activities within the game, and they are so addictive! Bet you’ll complete this game more than two times just to finish all tasks and try every challenge. I like stealth and hacking moments so much, along with the story itself. And here are the best boss battles ever!