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Rust review
by Sr_Sandokan

Me imagino que es muy entretenido actualmente eso me dicen los gurús del youtube, pero yo voy a basarme en cuando lo jugué hace un año. Se que no es justo por que estaba en desarrollo y tal, pero es que la pasta la cobraban igual, y claro, cuando uno paga pues eso, que exige. Podríamos llamarlo RustBUG , la madre de dios lo mal que estaba hecho, a nivel de jugabilidad era horrible, literalmente cuando intentabas pegar a alguien no apuntabas al tipo, sino al lugar donde creías que estaba. Solo era divertido si te juntabas con una manada de colegas, si juegas solo, y no eres un tipo sociable lo único que haces spawnear y morir en un ciclo eterno, cuasi místico. Un coñazo, pero oye, mira todo ese vergel de youtubers que se lo pasan que flipas con este juego. Es la leche.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
«Ugly as my life»
«I could make it better»

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«Buggy as hell»
Game feels ancient and clunky, however, the social aspects of this game add a lot to the fun you have while playing it. 
Great times w/ your pals.
«Better with friends»
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Early Access Review I reviewe because, in Contrast to the GREAT of the Players, I do NOT PVP, and thus look for the few "pure PvE" servers. That's why my Review is really aimed at PVE players! I would therefore ask those interested in pure PVP to refrain from my Review ... I'm actually just describing from my Point of view and Style of Play-the many PvP fighters won't have much of that! :D It GIBT in Rust also a quite manageable and nice PvE community. Of course, you can see in the "Gameplay" and Structure that it is just made for mutual Fragmentation, and the idea of the environment is not sooo strongly in the Foreground here! But it IS GEHT and fun! Of Course, the construction Of houses, settlements, towers, etc., as well as trade with Each other, Is a great Fun factor in the PvE operation. A WENIG challenge is there, because there are a few enemy Animals (Bears and Wolves), but they are no longer a real Challenge when you have upgraded a WENIG. Then there is the all-hands Popular Heli, which get some of the battle-ready players but also laid quite well. Thus, in two Weeks you can already be at the "Final content" and have a hard-paved living Environment, have Bagged the most awesome Items in the Inventory and also feel the Need to "start anew." This is what most PvE servers do and either vote via the usual Wipe after about 2 Weeks or it is firmly planned after 2 to 4 Weeks. This is a good thing and gives a new Area for new Ideas, Building up with other Cronies and friends and and so on. In Fact, I think Rust has succeeded quite well technically ... The Possibilities for Construction are very extensive-but depending on how the Server Operators put the "physics" (not every Setup is really feasible if the calculated Physics sets the Limits and finds that the Structure would become so unstable!). Otherwise, you get to know the Locig of the Superstructures quickly and get on well with it. A few Plugins are helpful in order to be able to remove some of the parts set, for example ... Once something has been upgraded to Wood or even Stone and Metal, ists get away with disproportionate use of resources ... On PvE servers, I now almost find such Removertools a MUST, if you don't want To constantly stress admins in order to implement or delete something! Sometimes the Game is a bit laggy and causes framedrops that are not entirely traceable ... Whether it's the Heli, the Presence of other Players or just because You have red Socks on ... No one knows ... It just lags, and often after some Updates doesn't get any better. A Wipe then usually helps for some Time. However, I usually find it quite passable, apart from such Excitement, if one eats up in the LAG of all things the Bear or so;) All in all, I have a Mords Fun at Rust in the PvE, and I'm sure I'll spend another hundreds of Hours in it ... It's Fun! :)