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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! review
by lemix22

If I could find a medium between "Meh" and "Recommended" I'd put this game at that spot. For people who have played Pokemon on the DS, I don't think the title is worth the money. It's a fun game with the most of the core mechanics as previous DS games; definitely better than the Generation 7 games. But this is not the Pokemon game to buy if you liked ORAS, X & Y, DPPt, etc. I will break this review down into sections so I don't clutter myself because there is a lot to be said about this game.

Game Mechanics:
This Pokemon title dittos other titles in every way except with 4 key differences.
* Gym Leaders and other key encounters can be rechallenged
* Pokemon PC is gone and replaced with a Pokemon Box
* Battling wild pokemon has been replaced with a Pokemon GO style catching mechanic
* Items have been changed

It has been long overdue for the user to rechallenge Gym leaders in Pokemon games. I have been waiting for this feature since Platinum version truth be told. This is a nice change that I really appreciate.   The Pokemon PC being banished with this Box is nice but weird to me. I like that I have all my Pokemon with me at any time. It was tedious to go into a Pokemon Center every time I want to swap one Pokemon for another. It was something I didn't like or understand at first but it has really grown onto me.   The worst thing Game Freak did with this game is getting rid of wild encounters to try and bridge Pokemon GO players with this game. If you play this game in docked mode and you want to catch a Pokemon, just swap into handheld mode and save yourself the time. the throwing mechanic with the joy cons is the absolute worst from my experience. Apparently it is a lot easier if you buy the $40 Pokeball controller. Yeah, no thank you. I am not wasting another $40 to play the game it's meant to be when the game is not even worth $60. This is my biggest issue with this game and the reason why I hate myself for buying it the most. Please Game Freak, never do this again. 

This game is obviously meant for the following people:
* People who have played the original Red/Blue/Yellow Games/Hardcore Players
* Children who have a Switch and are either hearing about Pokemon for the first time and have it on their 3DS
* Bridge people who started on Pokemon GO over to a "console" version of the game

If you are like me, and are more casual on games like this, it is not worth it. Just wait until they make another Pokemon game on Switch.

Other reviews8

I consider myself quite a Pokémon veteran and I held off playing this game, because I thought it would be a let-down. However, now that I played it, I have to say I had a wonderful time!

The game lacks most of the bells and whistles you might expect - no day and night cycle, no weather effects, no breeding, no Abilities, no held items, etc. - and makes up for this by focusing more on other stuff: the game looks crisp with a slightly more “drawn” art style, there are some surprising visual details in the overworld and interesting camera angles, there is minimal handholding, though the game still is easy, and occassionally it’s genuinely funny. Most enjoyable perhaps, is that you can choose one of your Pokémon to run alongside you, outside of its Poké Ball (some of my favourites are Beedrill, Rhyhorn and Gyarados) and this plays into the fact that Pokémon seem to have a hint of personality. Beedrill, for instance, zips around you while you’re walking. And, like I said, the game is easy (few trainers have more than two Pokémon), but there are trainers/mini-bosses/bosses who have teams that are well put together, with good movesets and whose levels are on par with yours, making for quite the challenging fight!

I’m not too fond of the controls and the way you catch Pokémon. You have to play with either one Joy-Con, the Poké Ball controller or in handheld mode. I tried the Joy-Con and handheld mode (I don’t have the Poké Ball) and both are extremely uncomfortable for me. Add to this the unreliable motion controls you have to use in the catching mini-game (no fights with wild Pokémon) and here we are with sore elbows, sore wrists and sore fingers. 
I’m also not too sure about the price (€60,-). It’s not that the game isn’t worth this much money, but it also doesn’t bring too much new stuff to the table. I think somewhere between €30,- and €40,- would have been more appropriate. So buy at a discount, rent or borrow from a friend (like I did). 

This game and New Pokémon Snap proved to me that Pokémon doesn’t need (or is better off without) Mega-Evolutions, Z-Moves, Dynamaxing, etc. and doesn’t need a 1000 different species as long as the 100-200-300 get the attention they (and the players!) deserve. 
Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee was an easygoing, laidback and endearing experience and I had a wonderful time!
9/10 - I like the graphics/charecters designe of this game more than the designe of the Sword/Shield.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! is so much more than just a Pokémon Yellow remake. It is a re-imagining that gives you all those warm and fuzzing feelings Pokémon is known for while still offering up some fresh twists on the formula. The game defines comfy gaming.
«Sit back and relax»

The multiplayer was kind of fun, for a little bit, but its... more Kanto. I can only enjoy so much Kanto, and this? This was too much Kanto. I got so bored, I couldn't even get to the second gym. It honest to god didn't feel worth my time at all. I'd rather just play Leaf Green.
Yeah its pretty fun.

A step down from Sun / Moon but it definitely scratches the Pokemon itch and makes me infinitely more hyped for Sword and Shield.  

Still playing regularly to build a shiny collection.
«Sit back and relax»
It is actually better than i expected.
«Beaten more than once»