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The Last Of Us review
by Андрей Рощевкин

Brilliant-narrated story immersing you in an apocalyptic setting. It looks so closer to real life, when monsters around you are not cool and brutal super-mutants, but people. Some of them —
— just what remains of a man, creatures with minds deconstructed to primal instincts by virus, some of them — people with deconstructed values.

It's about character, who is not predesigned hero, which is only purpose to cleanse «maps» in the name of «save the mankind»-mission, but a cynic man becoming a hero in circumstances, only because he could find something important in his life.

Sometimes «The Last Of Us» manipulating you, mostly with «U should cry now»-scenes, but performing it great. And actually, I love it.

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The Last Of Us is unique to this day. It is a game with singular focus and grace. Gameplay is the tool by which you uncover the story. It left me with renewed hope in video game narratives, and impacted me personally.
Good at times, bad and repetitive at others. You'll probably like it if your a fan of the genre, but I personally did not enjoy it.
Game was awesome. I had to cry at the end. The way Joel bonds with Ellie throughout the game, exceptional. WOW. GOTY. AWESOME.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
incredible story
«Just one more turn»
«That ending!»