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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review
by LordWilson

I‘ve played every RE since the first undead turned his head at you. In a two-generation history Capcom created a riddle depth scavenger hunt with an over the years shifting action afflicted gameplay. In my experience this became worse with the setup of the 6th episode within Umbrella’s occurrence. What was well enough for most of the younger gamers had been a huge trouble for veterans. Like BB King said: The thrill is gone. Meanwhile and several side stories and remastered remakes later there was finally a light in the dark which became pretty dark again after a while. For the better...

After getting in touch with the demo version “Beginning Hour” I was already feeling a third wave that may change gameplay and atmosphere. With the full version in gold I finally got to experience this horror trip on a 4-meter screen with atmospheric surround sound that helped to scare the shit out of me. I did this game in two days and have to say it’s hell of a fun. 
Even after playing all there was that the series had to offer I got to know once more what true gaming horror is. In a Rob Zombie setting I never would have imagined to be crawling in the dirt to hide from one of the family members rather than running around shooting everything that moves. Coming back in shining armor - riddles and item management - the elements of the game do remind of a time long ago. Not as challenging as it could be but this may results in the overall generous difficulty. May be harder to keep aiming right or enter the next room while still shaking from the one before. Sadly this fails again (like in a lot of games, not only RE) in the final hours of the game. Making things just too monotone.

Nevertheless I’d like to recommend this game to everyone who was bored by the last installments or likes to experience horror in a newer dress for the Resident Evil series. I think the road taken is great and visually the best RE out there. 

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Played: February 13th,2017-May 19th,2017

Scary! The atmosphere is great and the villains are excellent. Ethan isn't intriguing, but is serviceable. The two endings choice is also not that needed.

Grade: B+
Absolutely terrifying and masterful experience. A true return to form for the series. It puts you in a situation where you don't know whats going on only to relater reveal the crazy bioweapon plot that is central to the series. 

«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Very creepy and scary game, especially the beginning. The RE2 remake got so much praise but I stand by this one is better. The FPS feel to it is great and allows for a tighter scarier feel.

The ending is a beat weaker. Not bad but not as good as the first chunk of the game. This is my favourite survival horror game so far. I don’t count the last of us, it’s obviously better and has survival aspects but not really the survival horror feel I’m talking about.

Final Score: A-
First half is one of the best games ive ever played, the minute you get to the ship, stop playing 
«Blew my mind»
Totally not for me. Far too old-school in its design - felt like playing a bad PS1 era game. Same rubbish healing herbs and naff monster design
I never finished this game, which speaks more to my inability to complete games these days than to the game's quality, but I the VR is fucking fantastic. It's a seated experience, and I don't think the game was designed with VR in mind, but I found it absolutely engrossing. It delivered some of the scariest horror experiences I've ever had, in any medium. Some of the mechanics were a little frustrating but for the most part it works super well in VR.
Violence got too extreme. The scariest thing about this game was having obscenities screamed at me by one of the bosses. This is not the RE you grew up with. What a disappointment.
«Disappointment of the year»
It was good at first, but it got boring really fast. Repetitive boss fights and puzzles that feel out of place in a home make the game feel less like horror and more like they were trying to hard to reach multiple audiences. It was a step in the right direction for the series, but they need to take another step before they reach it's best.