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Kopanito All-Stars Soccer review
by Yigit Pinarbasi

If you love to jump into a game with your dudes quick and entertain yourselves, this game is the answer. We are playing this game at the office when we got bored. Playing 3-4 games is quite enough to enjoy ourselves. 
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I bought the Game at the Sale and play it with an XBox 360 Controller. The Controls are quite comfortable when you are in The Ball ownership. If you are not in The Ball ownership, I find the exact Male difficulty with the Analog stick a bit difficult and in addition, I often feel the Need to activate someone opposite manually than to control like someone who has been activated automatically and has to run afterwards. On the other hand, it stands that you can run faster without a ball with an Additional Button, you can roll fast and wide and use the special moves that are played to you during the Game. I haven't dealt with the latter yet .. In the same way, I know what I am doing. After about 90 minutes, the Control goes quite well out of my Hand. Initially still looking for My Success in scoring goals with early and short press the Godshot button, it can now also press long and set visor line when scoring On the Goal. Presenting yourself the Ball and using the Moment to race faster. I haven't tried online Mode and I haven't played against a Friend yet either .. But I think that could be quite fun. Sometimes on the Pitch you can transport the Ball Into the Side out and sometimes there are Walls on the Sidelines that do not affect the View, but only make sure that the Ball cannot be played into the Side out. In terms of Colour, some Places take some getting used to, but basically I can live well with them so far. For about 3.74 Euros I find the Game to kick the occasional kick quite entertaining ... After a short Adjustment Phase. That is why I am making a Recommendation. In Principle, everyone can look at a Viedeo on youtube and then you know what you're getting into. After just over 3 Hours of Play, I have now been getting used to holding down the Score button and setting the Line in slow motion mode, to the simultaneous use of one of the rear upper Shoulder buttons. Of course, this is even more Fun. Banana Shot Ole. If you play over the Flank and want to play a high Ball to the Middle, you must have already clearly turned the player in the direction so that the Ball also goes in the right direction, which, unlike other Football games, needs a lot Of Getting used to at the beginning. .Then, however, you can hit different wide passes with X on the Controller and depending on how long you hold the Button down. With the Godshot Key B, you can make it clear to the Receiver even before the ball is accepted that he should immediately hold on the Gate at First Contact. Then it comes to the Pike Jump Head ball gate. So You can score Goals in a variety of Ways .. Sometimes you think a lot. Mist, scrubbed too much again, on the other Hand it was before I learned to use snibbling Nampn/banana shooting and this with the Flank, in the Mechanics after some Time, almost too monotonous. You can't really compare the Game to eg Sensible Soccer. With Ball on your Foot it is easier here and in front of The Goal, Latte Bouncers or Post Pruners usually do not lead to another Chance. Dusters are still possible and I have to say, I am not so keen on a Sensible Soccer now at all ... Who would have thought so! When I finish the Game, the green Light goes out on my XBox360 Controller. Since I do not Reactivate any Impairment in automatic, I find this Power Saving Measure exemplary.