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Broforce review
by Roman

Really fun co-op gameplay, somehow reminds old Hard Corps series
«Better with friends»

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Early Access Review Review of The Perfect Review/oneandonlyhundes-sleet The best Steroid replacement. Since I've been playing the Game, a male Moustache has grown me and my Muscles are as big as from Rambo. MUUURRRRICA ^^ Now for my serious Review. To put it beforehand, I've been playing the Game since Starting in the Early Accses phase. Evil threatens the World. Who would be better suited to stop it than a paramilitary Organisation with a Focus on excessive Force? Underfunded and with fingers loosely on the Trigger, they set about standing in The way of the Terrorists. With as many Explosions as possible, of course, it goes out. Broforce is an action indie title for up to four Players, which uses a pixelated retro look and evokes classic Action films of the 1980s. The Gameplay is easily explained, kill everything that moves, reach the End of the Level and kill the devil or the Villain. It doesn't matter if you stick to the given Path or simply dig a Way for yourself with your own Weapons in order to achieve your Goals. Yes you heard right, the 2D Pixel Game from Free Lives Has a completely destructible game world or Level. This can be used for your own Benefit, for example, to simply bypass Counters, or simply completely destroy your Own path, which is why you have to start the Level from time to time, because you can't get any further. It can also be said that the Game is currently still in the Early Accsess Phase, but offers far more Content than many of the AAA Titles from Activison. The Game regularly receives new Updates (about 1-2 times a Week), with new Content, such as Levels, Missions, playable Caracktere (about 30 so-called "bros" at the Moment). Broforce currently offers a World Campaign (Story Vietnam + Alienstory, other Episodes over time in the Form of a World Map), as well as other Game Modas such as Deathmach or Explusion Run (more Episodes). And even if you have the Story through it, the Game will never get bored due to its high Replay value and self-created Mapps (Players can create new Levels with the built-in Level editor). The Game can be played alone, online with Friends or random People as well as in offline Co-op Mode. Now Let's get to the Sound, Graphics and feel. The Sound of the Weapons sounds very strong and bass-heavy at all times, which is why I recommend a good Sound system to increase the Fun;) Unfortunately, it does not have a Soundtrack, which does not diminish the Fun. Although I would have liked an epic and lively Music very much. (For the older Players among us: Duke Nukem 3d) The Graphics are held in Retro Pixel Optics, and not in today's High-end Graphics of a Battlefield 4, which I Think suits this Game better. It will also run with just 150 mb Of memory and 2GB OF RAM on almost every Computer. The Feeling Of play is not only outstanding in the Movement and Precipioused, but also the Weapons are strong throughout and ball away everything that comes their Way. :D You can find yourself in the Control after just a few Minutes and if not you can adjust them yourself. The Game can be controlled with a Controller (XBOX 360 recommended, but also everyone else) but also with the Keyboard. However, I recommend using a Controller because the Game is easier to Do. Verdict: If the Pixel Graphics don't bother and a Jump & Rund with geballer is looking for what to play with up to 4 Friends, then you can access Broforce. It's worth its 13.99 Euros. If you are unsure, wait until the next Steam Sale. I wish you a Happy "God speed Broforce!" Please give me a Thumbs up or down and or comment if possible. If you liked this Review, check it out here: The Perfect Review on Steam
Awesome shoot-em-up, especially for co-op.