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Gears of War 4 review
by Roman

Enjoyed this game in co-op mode. I skipped GoW3 and Judgement, but in comparison with GoW1-2 this one is much better. It looks absolutely fantastic: color palette is not only gray-brown, but also bright and shiny. There are a lot of colorful locations in day and night, and you definitely have to see stunning weather effects in this game. Gameplay is the same as usual with some new features like building defence, and also some new weapons, which look interesting on the first glance, but in the end you still prefer good old Lancer. Additionally I would like to commend dialogues in this game, there are a lot of jokes and hilarious talks between characters, it's not a damn serious war drama anymore.
«Better with friends»

Other reviews5

The combat is repetitive, you're bored of it before the game even starts if you played the first 3. Also, if you played the first 3, you probably enjoy the storytelling and the characters, the interesting weapons and enemies, the world building and (mild) lessons about environmentalism, military reactionism, and PTSD.  Well thats all gone, the new enemies are shitty robots, the new characters have no soul, the story is boring and stupid.  This game isn't as good as any of the previous entries, but it does look pretty.
Gears of War 4 I thought was very good. I thought the campaign was fun except for the robot part. I thought the multiplayer was very fun. It was a solid time.

Final Score: A-

+ Spectacle of setpieces
+ Guns feel really good to use; wide variety
+ Innovative weather effects  
+ Many options and ways to play

- Extremely repetitive gameplay
- Clunky movement
- Generic characters
Gears of War 4 has a great multiplayer mode and a incredibly boring campaign that takes you to the same situation over and over again with little diversity of encounters and enemies, mostly mirroring those of the original trilogy with some visual addons. If you are a single-player oriented person, skip this one: the story is not entertaining, the shooting is monotonous and the AI is always buggy.

Stormy situations are cool, though.