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Proteus review
by shane yach

A subtly interactive world with great aesthetics and great sound design. I kept finding new things every playthrough.
«Sit back and relax»
«Beaten more than once»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hello everyone! I got the Game given the gift by my Buddy, and of course tried to get involved in this Walk, but I didn't really manage to do that, because as beautiful as the Landscape may be, I thought again and again that can't be, it has to be But give something, for example, that gives meaning to the whole thing. And I don't really think the Sound is great either. Somehow, after 3.Hour and a lot of Time in between, I finally came to the Conclusion that this Game is not worth its Money! Not at the Normal Price!!! If you want to walk Through beautiful Landscapes and feel Relaxation, you should buy "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" because there you get it and get a Point in the Game. (NO KUFEMPFEHLING) My Score 2/10 "And I am quite someone who can get involved in a lot" + At the first Game you are excited (But then you are looking forward to it)-Bad sound-tear graphics-Sensel-free-free of sense-always the Feeling that this can't be all of The Mfg.-Nexus
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What to say about this Game that is actually not a Game in the Sense. You can hardly interact with the Environment, there is no action, nor any task that could be solved or an obvious Goal that could be achieved. You are thrown into the cold Water without any Help and even literally. On top of that, the Graphic. One rubs your Eyes in wonder and thinks, wow Time Leap into the last Millennium. Up to this point, the Text sounds like a tear, but it is by no means. Despite or precisely because of these idiosyncratic Ingredients will be an interesting Experience of it. The Work is actually not a Game, it is more interactive Art. And very relaxing. You wake up in the Sea, in front of you an Island. All in an idiosyncratic minimalist but very coherent Graphic. On the Island itself, there is not really anything to do but much to discover. You wander around and let yourself be enchanted by the diverse Tones and the atmospheric Graphics. There are already a few interactive Little things to discover. At some Point, the Seasons change and the Mood becomes correspondingly different. Spring is joyful, summer oppressive, in Autumn it becomes melancholy until sometime in Winter ... But that won't be revealed. Yes, there is indeed an End. If you get into it in Peace, you are somehow touched at the End of the Work and in a melancholy mood. Playing Time I would say 1-2 Hours. But You can also allow yourself more Time. After all, this is not about playing through something, but about the classic "the way is the Goal." Replay Value, difficult. Maybe dependent on the Mood. Once you have seen everything, I think it's good. Unless you've just;) your melancholy Day or something. Is, of course, nix for action freaks, that should be clear by now;). There are, of course, people who can't do anything with such an Art and see here only a dull indie pixel retro porridge. According to the Motto, nature I can also look at in real and there the Graphics are better. But I like it. You can look at it if you like something like that. Wenny'S once again in the Steam sale is definitely;).