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Life is Feudal: Forest Village review
by EvgenRomin

Forest Village is an awesome village builder game. Yes the concept is the same as banished, but it is better. I am totally addicted.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Banished 2.0 LiF: Forest Village is no different Than Banished 2.0. Actually everything is "stolen" many would surely say now. A brazen copy. But how much Banished Is really in Play? First of all, I love Banished. I like the Idea behind the Game and generally such Types of Games. Unfortunately, there are too few of this Kind. Forest Village, on the other Hand, is the Main Game "Life is Feudal" only from a slightly different Perspective and combines the Elements of the Main Game with a ... You could say Life Simulator. Village construction simulator?! Many Mechanics should later reach behind the Game, and you have to pay attention to many things so that your Inhabitants do not say "Live well-being." You also have to make sure that your Residents are doing well by not just needing Food and Clothes ... Vll. still Roof over the Head, where I wonder what ^^ for. Wildlife feeling in the ... Middle ages... YAAAY. But You also have to make sure that the little Pixel People get Vitamins. Yes, you really have to make sure that they always have their high Content of Vitamin C, B, A ... C.. DD .. etc. get them not only fish and ... Meat puts on the Table, but also Fruits and Vegetables. You also have to ... You should not be careful to play AVATAR 2.0 and cut down and tear down everything you have in front of the Bulldoooo ... The Shovel and Axe is coming. --Because a balanced Flora and Fauna is important for Getting berries and other wild Foods. The Exorcist is real! ... My Residents are BEST!!! ahhhh Another dress Feature-linen is the Possibility to dive directly into the Game and also influence it. Unfortunately, just a little more ... Early Access. Thus, there is the Possibility to "settle" into a respective Resident and steer him himself. To pursue his Craft yourself or just walk through his created Village. That's pretty Cool actually and better than just zooming you out. I have Problems-So ... The Game has ... Which one. Early Access & The Future The Game is still at a fairly early Stage of Development, and you can unfortunately see that to the Game as well. It still has some Problems and it also crashes, at least with me, very often just crashing. That's very annoying especially when you're just in the middle of the Game and you don't think about anything and suddenly the Game crashes. Very annoying. There are also some Problems and some cumbersome Mechanics like the Terraforming. This is very essential in the Game to build new Buildings, which ultimately have to be created Areas where the Buildings can also stand on them. Sometimes there is still a lack of mistakes here, because People have a partly funny Way to Find it. So I have already managed to "lock it up" a few times because the Way Finding only Detects a certain Slope that must be present so that the NPCs can run on it. A small Lift or Hill can therefore ensure that the NPCs can no longer return home. In This case, the finding Of The path also often does not recognize the Path that the NPC can walk 2 Meters next to one that is almost straight. Naje Early Access halt. A lot of things in the Game is not yet optimal or makes Sense. Look Zb. Here in the Forum there are Threads about whether it makes any sense at all (including Comparisons) to build certain Buildings or whether Effort XY is even worthwhile in the Cost-/benefit ratio. So as a Newcomer you should look at the Forum. There are many Problems and also Moments that can cause frustration. But what I personally think is good for is the later mod support you want to Offer. I just think through the mod support there's going to be nice great Stuff. Banished also has mod support and offers a wide Range of variety of extends here. Production Buildings, Residential Buildings and much more. Despite the Problems-A clear Buy Recommendation Anyone Who liked Banished will also like Forrest Village, simply because you also find it very much in the Game and know how what works or what certain Menus mean. So from me a clear Buy recommendation.