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James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game review
by Merlijn Eskens

Alright, if you are here to play multiplayer or enjoy great design, leave.
This game is not for you, at all.

If you are here to experience more "Avatar" and immerse yourself more into the world shown to us by the movie, then, by all means, get comfortable.

Avatar is a game that manages to capture the beauty of the movie perfectly while giving you the freedom to explore it all in a huge campaign that features multiple endings. It has all the things we learned to love from the movie and capitalizes greatly on it.

Alright, so what's the catch, right?
Well, to be honest, the design is rather old. They are clearly using spawners on some sections of the levels, and you'll notice it.
Also, the game tried to look realistic. It might be dated by the time you start playing it.

Additionally, do not play multiplayer. This game has been hacked years ago, and all fights are between those with the strongest hacks. If you don't hack, you lose. I'm sorry if you hoped to enjoy some "blue monkey v/s military dog" fights.
«Blew my mind»

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Its a good game. not really like the movie but its still got little parts like characters to make it relatable to the movie.