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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy review
by Tonaay

Play this if you want to end your life
«Blew my mind»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Short and terse Review on my part.: This Game is aimed at the Kind of people of Society who have a Character portfolio in which many a Psychiatrist would stow the water in their Pants if they saw it. I mean such qualities as Self-hatred, Misanthropy, Narcissism, Empathy or just the iron Will to break oneself without going on it in Real Life. Imagine you manage to channel your MouseSkills to a Certain extent after 2h PlayTime so that you get the Guy in a Kettle with the Hammer a few Meters up there. Then put yourself in front of you falling back again, to 0. And now imagine that's the essential Content of this Game. Breaking yourself and testing how many times you can get up and try again how patient you are and how talented you are at not boxing your Fist through your Monitor, although the Urge for the third deep Fall is already really overwhelming. These Moments are Rounded off by soothing Music and Quotes that read "Never dont give up!!";). Helpful?! Like trying to heal a severed Leg with a Patch or your Girlfriend's unnecessary Phrase "Why are you agitating about such a Little Thing now." Mother ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ing NOT HILFREICH!! So all in All, a really successful game of its simple Kind, which is characterized by appealing to a small target Group. It's both metaphorically and literally about climbing a Mountain. On the one hand you are yourself the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ing ing mountain which has to be climbed, on the other Hand you do not want to let such a game drive you into a debilitating Depression. So whoever has pulled Dark Souls and enjoyed it will surely find peace here, for everyone else, just buy, invent Excuses for Defeats and regret it. Thumbs up!!
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
I have no idea what I do, but sometimes I do a thing, it will be hard. If you think it is sometimes difficult, sometimes not .. For not at all together. Can bst describe the controls as .. Imagine that you have just stepped off a carousel, is also in the blipfill, front a mirror from the hilarious house, and tries to tattoo you yourself in the face, with the left hand, at the same time as you for electric shock therapy. Dirty, in pure Swedish. ... Up sometimes means moving the hammer up. Sometimes down. If you want to press with the hammer you pull it in sometimes, but sometimes it spins, and it spins t wrong hll ... A real row. Much better if you had a 'joystick' to spin around the hammer with, and one to pull in / shoot from. Play with tv thumbs ie To freshen up everything to nt that is to be controlled with a finger was a good thought, but it does not work in practice ... If one can fix the form of control options s then I can call the grade, but as it is right now the game is broken and is not recommended. Buy it on the PC instead.
Crushingly difficult and mocks you the entire way. In my opinion you are better off watching a Let's Play Youtube video about Getting Over It than actually dedicating your own time to this incredibly frustrating game.