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Vanquish review
by Curious_Cat

Five Word Review: Mostly a plain old shooter.
Favorite Thing: It's pretty action packed.
Least Favorite Thing: Generic story aside, it was incomplete and it will likely never be finished.

Date Completed: 2018-02-14
Playtime: 7h
Enjoyment: 6/10
Recommendation: No. I still don't like shooters and this one hasn't changed my mind.

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Anything to fill the gap Zone of the Enders left behind.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is rather bad. It is a Shooter, elaborately designed but with far too little Depth. The Story is overwhelmingly only alibi character for the Action. It is set in the Future; A Gang that came to Power in Russia is attacking the US with a hijacked American Space station. The US doesn't have much Time to turn the Tide, sending its best Man, Robert Burns, along with his Troupe, into the Fray. We play a Member of the Group, Sam Gideon, who is the only one to wear a Special Suit. The Action consists of a String of relatively short Levels, in which you usually have to get from A to B and the evil Enemies that look mostly like Aliens (I don't know why) exactly this Want to prevent. Overwhelmingly, you simply have to shoot at anything that moves or flashes. You can also help your Mates get back on their Feet or pick up Weapons and Ammunition, as befits a Shooter. In addition, you can also slip through the Area at an accelerated pace, because Sam has such a Function in his special Special Suit. Seeking Cover is sometimes helpful, but rarely do you really have to approach the Matter in a really refined way. The Game doesn't manage to be more than a simple Shooting Game. Everything here screams "I'm a great Action Game," but it's quickly desolate. The Opponents are mostly truncus-stupid. This is my Impression Cemented by the abysmal "Dialogues," which are supposed to indicate Drama, but are totally flat. The deep, smoky Men's Voices barking Out their Sentences are something of foul. The oversized Handguns go well with that. The only Woman on the Team (in a mini skirt) is allowed to monitor the Action at a Secure Headquarters. There are also boss fights, some of which are simple, partly difficult and there are slightly differently designed levels, where you are driven by a Wagon through a futuristic Landscape, for example, and you can Need to persevere. Join a shooter fan with everything familiar. The only striking Ones are the relatively elaborately designed levels and its Elements, especially the Figures. Unfortunately, there are Downsides to this as well. The Animations and the Faces look too simple. The slip animation of our Alter Ego, for example, is so simple that it seems silly. The withering Music of course supports the Feeling of being in a great Shooter, but just can't really do it alone. The German Speakers are really creepy. In Engilching, it would be a little better, it seems to me. If you run into trouble at one of the few Quick-time events, you have to, as far as I remember, switch V-Sync on or off, then you go. Pro & Contra: + Relatively elaborate Graphics o A plain shooting game-Too repetitive Level-Hardly existing Opponent AI-Bad voices and Dialogues-A very simple Story Rating: 4/10 The Game is like a B-Movie, so in some Ways it can be Fun again, it To play when you fancy a simple Ball game. Other Than that, I can only advise against it.