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Metro 2033: Wars review
by Dmitry Teleri

It's nice that not all gamedev switched to producing fun farms and donating cloning of successful projects. Metro 2033 Wars - a completely original game, besides the universe of the Russian writer. Quite complicated. Hardcore, if you want. Pass it is not so simple, mistakes are expensive, customizable levels of difficulty there. Unless, if very hard, you can erect the Mastercard Empire by buying resources for money. But! The game goes well without it, if you are ready to think with your head or, at worst, defeat it by saving / loading.

The game is divided into two unequal halves. The global map is a flat metro map, the tactical battle screen is a three-dimensional arena. The goal of the game - moving on the plot and performing quests, through the chain of battles to come to the finale. As part of the gameplay is a strategy with tactics. On the strategic map of the metro, the holdings of all factions are marked and movements of their detachments are visible. It also manages the management of diplomacy, construction and movement of its own fighters. When the units of the warring factions are at the same station, a battle begins. Other mini-states conflict not only with you, but also with each other. Everyone has enemies.

The global map is patchwork, in each location there is a separate station. They can be captured by entering troops into them. At the station you can engage in the management of detachments, hiring fighters, erect buildings of an economic and military nature, to keep garrisons. A good economy will keep several units. In the windows of diplomacy, one can declare war or bribe other microstates of the underworld. In the windows of the quests get tasks and move on the main plot. The world is open, you can visit different places, fight with anyone you want, spit on assignments or diligently implement everything that is offered. Part of the stations is unlocked with the progress of the game.

During the battles, there is a large scope for tactics: from selecting fighters against specific opponents, based on their vulnerabilities, before making decisions on the spot - move to the rear row, forcing the rival enemy to leave the shelter. Many mutants are vulnerable to fire - they should be hired by flamethrowers. Does the enemy like to use support? Then we take a sniper to calm those in the back rows.

Locations of the tactical arena look great. Their detailed elaboration and upbeat touching painstaking drawing pleases the eye in every battle. Stations that have seen better times, their shabby walls, barriers, graffiti, burning tanks ... Part of the mess in the arena - those boxes and barrels that can be used as shelters - are generated randomly, which adds to the battles of diversity. For example, with the hunter, whose ability to hide in garbage will certainly force your squad to suffer. But he may not be lucky if he is too tidy in the lobby. As you pumped, almost all of the player's players acquire a similar ability. The scope for tactics is understandable: in the case of the hunter, if the gadenish has bothered you with his hide and seek, he can pull his squad back onto the line so that he has to come closer. Without cover, he loses two-thirds of his steepness. If you yourself rely on shelter, you can try to take a more advantageous position by shifting the line so that the saving barrels are on your side.
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