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Bombshell review
by Top Dawger

The game is good and it brought me lots of fun. It has this nostalgia feeling of old-school shooters. I was constantly thinking about Duke Nukem while playing Bombshell. To be honest, this game actually started to be developed as a Duke title but later turned into a new IP. Surely, Duke is a great main character, but Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison managed to live up to the level of Duke. It's like a female version of him, which is really great. The game had some bugs when I played it a few years ago, maybe now they fixed them (at least I can't find people complaining about them now). So, if you are a fan of old-school, give it a try and you won't regret it. Cheesy jokes, metal music, lots of explosions included.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
hiho everyone, after finishing the game i want to share my experience with you. If you are looking for an Action-Game with some roleplay elements and you like some badass old-school way to deal with alien invader then this game will be a good choice. Story: Well, the story remindes me on the old 80er movies. There is a bad guy who need to be stop to destroy the earth and just one man ähhhh woman can do this : Shelly aka Bombshell. Who like a game that hasnt the deepest story this should be fine. Atmosphere: Right at the beginning something is clear: Shoot then talk. This is the lifestyle of shelly. And she also got always a good joke when she blast the enemys face away. So it fells as i write before like a good old 80er movie like Predetor, eg. Graphics/ Art design: This is for me the best part of the game the design is awesome. The settings on the other planets look unique and suitable. Also i like the boss design big ugly but epic. But one point i doesnt like the frist enemy those alien with jetpack etc could be a bit better caus you see some on every level and they look always the same : /. Sound: Right after the Artdesign i really enjoyed the music in the game. Also when enemys comes the change to the more epic music makes the gameplay much better and motivat the player to kick some butts :D. The Syncho, well, not the best but also not the worst for me. The background music in the icelvl makes it worth ;D. Controlls: At the beginning of the game with patch 1.0 jumping was a bit tricky and i fell sometimes very deep †. But the aiming worked well. I just used mouse and tastatur i dont know if gamepad are supported. In patch 1.1 i think the controlls got reworked and these changes make the game a lot better. Gameplay: Running, shooting,♥♥♥♥♥kicking, making jokes, and more shooting. That should be the main things in the game. You always get a main "quest" that brings you further to the story and in every lvl you can do 1-3 sidesquest(go there kill , or go there and collect his, well not the best ideas). Shelly got some nice toys in her arms that can change to many differnt kind of weapons(Shootgun, Railgun, Minigun, etc). For everyone is a weapon of his choice. A good this is that you can upgade these weapons with gold so you make them shooting fire ammo. Playtime/Price: For me the game was worth every € caus i get a well-round game with some bugs but for 35€ it was way better then some AAA. With 10hours for the normal campaine and the option to do new game+ or do some challenge mission the game offers me enough for his price. Support: The support was good for the game caus the dev really patch the thing that player has complain about and make the game even more better than before so thumps up for them GJ.