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Cosmonautica review
by Top Dawger

The game seemed very promising at first: a space trading sim. Somehow the game doesn't deliver on any expectations.
The management system is dumb, you just have to put up a team with the same type of food they prefer and if you manage to get this food in time, you have pretty much nothing to do. There, you are a great manager!
The trading system looks interesting, economy is dynamic. It depends on ressources from different planets and the trades you have done already, but there's not enough information to use this system to its fullest. Also, it's very repetitive.
The fights are just boring.
The game is funny sometimes but it's not worth the price and all the things mentioned killed the mood for it. So skip this one, unless you are a true fan of cosmic strategy games.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In itself, the Game is a beautifully detailed space trading simulation with funny Elements. The management of the Crew is well implemented and the Flair of the Graphics is simple but appealing. Unfortunately, any Fun is undone by the frequent Crashes (on iPad 2 mini). Often the saved Games also become corrupt, so you have to start the Campaign all over again (with me 4 times in 2 Days). There's no Point in that. I have to record the almost €6 as a Loss and can only make one Recommendation for this Game: Finger off!
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
Do not buy. The game is full of errors. Screen does not respond. Mission you cannot choose even if you are supposed to. At one point I could not before I had exited and entered game again. Then gameplay, it is awful, event fall upon you which are devastating and ruins hours of play, since you basically loose all. Missions to a nearby planet which I should be able to reach at no time in navigational planning suddenly takes hours so you are penalized, and loose all your hard won money. Really this is no good. Thought it was some mix of Elite and good old PSI5 Trading Campany but this is really bad. Nice graphics and on the paper the game could be fantastic.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Screenshots are not true, so they're doing false advertising. The game looks edgy and blurry on iPhone 6 Plus. Performance is horrible, running at 15-20 FPS. PC version is much better. Fix or I will ask for a refund. -The photos that show do not correspond to the version of iOS, if not to the PC. The game works at a lower resolution than the native of the screen on iPhone 6 Plus, so the game looks fuzzy because of climbing and with lots of serrated teeth. In Addition, the performance is lousy, as the game works at about 15-20 FPS, making it very uncomfortable to play. The PC version is much better, and unless they improve this in the coming days, I will request a refund. The Polishing of this game is far behind what is usually seen in the App Store.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I happened to come across this Gem and very fond of it. On the Subject of Stability, User Interface and Graphics quality, I can only say: Runs great on my iPhone 6s (Version 1.2.1). No Crashes and resolution can be set to "high" in the Options. The UI is easy to read (for a PC Port), in other Games the sometimes much worse (Hello Banner Saga ...). In some cases, the Touch Elements are not To be hit right away, but this is certainly dependent on personal Perception, whether that bothers you or not. I think it's quite relaxed. Overall, a beautiful Spaceship Management and trading Game with Charm and funny Dialogues! In my Opinion, this Game deserves to be added to the Featured Listen by Apple in the App Store.
I bought it recently and quite like it after a few days. Lots of small easter eggs that make you smile. Interesting micromanagement of the team. The trading system works pretty well. It has some bugs but all in all it is a fun to play and well worth the price.