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Trine Enchanted Edition review
by Brahmaputra

This great physics based platformer deserves your attention. Solve puzzles, go though various obstacles and fight many monsters. The graphics and overall visual style look spectacular with lots of tiny details. The sound and music are outstanding. The story is simple but still works. You get to control three characters - classic set of a warrior, a mage, and a thief, each with different you have to use to get througn the level. It is very similar to The Lost Vikings in style, so if you loved that one, you'll enjoy this one.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Genre: Jump 'n Run/RPG Playing Time: About 10 Hours Price: €7.99 Trine is a very great Game, with nice Characters, nice storytelling Style, but unfortunately a 0815 Story. Story 55% (Weighted: 25%) You are thrown right in the Middle of the story when just a Thief is trying to steal the King'S Treasure, but what she found was not a normal Treasure, but the "Trine," a powerful stone that has the Power to save blabla ~ ^^. When the Thief touches this Stone, she no longer gets away from it and sticks. When a Magician Who seems to be full of the NOOB in his Field and a Knight who has generally been left a bit mentally behind come and also sticks to the Stone, the three are merged into one Person (WTF o.O). So the three try to find a Way to regain their Bodies and, by the way, still have to cleanse the World of Undead people. That was:D Gameplay 75% (Weighted: 50%) The Game is Platformer mixed with RPG elements and a few Puzzles, the Game itself theoretically has a Playing Time of two, three Hours, except you try to get all The Steamer-like Problems, then it can be 10 Hours +, for example I as an absolute full NOOB It took almost 40 Hours xD, The Levels are about experience Traunts that raise your Level and Collect items that give you different Attributes. The Monsters are all very Monotonous and boring, sometimes a Skellet with Sword, then one with Shield and also sometimes fire-spitting Skellete. Bosses are also present in the Game, even if they did not deserve the Title "Boss," because these are so weak that at some point later On even a normal Skellet has demanded even a normal Skellet xD The Levels are by no means easier, even if you play the Game Can play through relatively quickly. Oh... Moving is Done with WASD, Attacking with the Mouse and targeting also with the Mouse. There is also the Possibility to play the Game via a Gamepad, but I didn't try that. Graph 69% (Weighted: 20%) The Graphics are very nice to look at That Game is very colorful similar to Dota 2 (bad Comparison xD), the World is very Fantasy heavy (with huge Mushrooms ect. XD), but also very atmospheric. Sound 68% (Weighted: 5%) The Sound is also very suitable for a Fantasy Game, comes across a bit mystically ^ ^ Special-Conclusion I recommend the Game to anyone who likes complex Platformer Games, doesn't need a good Story and is into colorful comic Graphics. :D That was my first Review (if you may call the Review) I hope I didn't do too much wrong xDD total Rating 68.50% | Satisfying price/Power 64.50% | Satisfying
A solid adventure with good balance of platformer+puzzle and beautiful visuals. The coop is just perfect and makes game much more fun.
«Better with friends»
I played this game in the company of three, which was quite fun as we shared the characters and played levels in different styles. We had lots of fun and I think this is one of the best platformers you can get on a PC.
«Better with friends»
Many people say this looks like The Lost Vikings because you get to control three different characters with different abilities, It is a good thing, but I must say that this game surpass Vikings in each and every aspect. The look and feel is absolutely stunning, I can't even mention another platformer with such beautiful visuals. Although it's fairly short, it still can bring lots of fun and you should seriously buy it.
To me this is one of the few indies that beat any AAA-title black and blue. Vivid, colorful and bright platformer in a gorgeous world. Lots of imaginative levels and puzzles, I recommend play as a wizard since after you play him, the other two characters feel lacking due to all smart puzzles you get to solve. This really is a gem, you should definitely play it if you enjoy a good platformer.
«Blew my mind»
Highly recommended, especially for local co-op.