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Max Payne review
by KawaiiMuaii

A classic TPS and a game that everybody played that time. Quality gameplay, interesting story, aaaaaaand probably the first great use of slo-mo in games.

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Gameplay 7/10. Graphics 8/10. Soundtrack 9/10. Storyline 9/10. OVERALL 8.25/10.0 (A : 8.5)
«OST on repeat»
Great game, bullet time
«Liked before it became a hit»
Best game I played as a kid
«Blew my mind»

One of the few games that is enjoyable to play despite being almost 20 years old.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
"Mem 1 COP in kindergarten, c better now Ke Max Payne" you know, I played a lot of games when I was little. Like, on my father's lap or even a little alone, and among all the games I could do in my young age (genre more than my current 16 years), Max Payne is surely one of the games that will have premeditated my loves: action , GST and cinema. Because Yes, Max Payne is all that at the same time Max Payne, what does that cause? Max, must know that he is a tough, one of the best cops in New York, he even has a post at the DEA (the American narcotics Brigade) proposed to him, he has a woman he loves more than anything and a little girl still in her cradle , until the day when... Until the day when 6 junkies stoned to the V landed at his house, kill his daughter, rape and murder his wife and there, this is the moment when Max withdraws and becomes undercover COP in the various squats and other networks of drugs, in order to avenge and purge the new Jerse y of this, I quote, & quot ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥-♥ ♥ ♥ What is the hard drug "Flash forward 3 years: Max Payne is no longer a COP so infiltrated that he is forgotten about the NYPD and the DEA with the exception of a man, with whom Max has appointment and who... Gets shot in front of his eyes and that's where the game actually starts good, Max Payne does not really shine by his screenplay, which is a pure film script of hard-boiled (I'll really advise you one: hard boiled by John Woo, or any proof in VF) , but where it stands out, it is really by its staging: very few cutscenes, or so very brief when they are present, the gist of the narration rests in comics of a very nice effect (who personally, make me think of the comics Arkham Asylum that I strongly advise you), and everything is extremely logical in these two nights of nightmares that will constitute the timeline of the title at the level of the gameplay, it's too good, it's MEGA NERVOUS it fights all the time and then you can SLOW time by making Piou Piou Piou with two BERRETAS (summary of a discussion with a person who will know to recognize, I love you strong, thank you for supporting me) even if level accuracy is not necessarily that and especially the AI of his dead becomes UNBEARABLE in the last third of the game the real problem of this game is that I. A is completely abused on some parts of the game, transforming some passages into brutal die & retry, each door open plugging on a full headshot that can make you swing your keyboard through your room on your sleepy cat at 4H of morning apart it Crakez this game the steam version being optimized for Windows XP, you can not even switch to the second level of the game (and it ends later also), as well as bugs of sounds, engine, cutscenes etc... Damage In the end, Yes, Max Payne is an excellent game all the same, a good defouloir, with a basic scenario but taking, graphics a little dated but passable, a gameplay with small onions and a really crazy heavy atmosphere.
Max Payne's default face looks like he's constipated.