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Outlast review
by [dz]an

This is quite short game driven by story. Closer to the end it became repetitive but still it was enough for me to finish it and have fun.
«That ending!»

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I loved the atmosphere and had many legitimate scares. I did not love actually playing the game though. The story was good and again the style this game has is very well done. But when it comes down to my enjoyment, it was fine but it’s a fourth tier. I was more invested on seeing what was going to happen than actually playing the game and also by the end you lose a bit of the fear because it’s replaced with frustration.

Final Score: B
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Outlast-In my Opinion one of the Best Horror Games, if you fancy the pure Thrill, the Game should definitely take on It! We are a Journalist on our Way through a Lunatic Institution in Search of Information. With a Camera, we can document everything that is very important, because it's only with The Camera in mind that we automatically take Notes of Key Scenes. According to insider tips, we learned that mysterious Things are going on at the Institution. Perhaps even illegal Experiments on the Inmates. So we just want to get to the Bottom of the matter armed with a Camera. Pros: Pure Tension and Thrill Horror Fans definitely get their Money's Worth There are ample Hideouts (Cabinets, beds, Shafts, ...) Night Vision function of the Camera to escape from the Darkness (Attention: Batteries needed) Key and Switches must be flicked Into super exciting Soundscape goosebumps-/shock moments guaranteed contras: Nothing for the faint-hearted Story offers only About 4 Hours Of Game Time conclusion: Despite the short Playing Time and the fairly simple Tasks a very gripping game! For a fairly simple Game Mechanics and simple Tasks (z.B.suche the Key Card), the Game is nevertheless very successful, because the stark Thrill of the thrill makes you forget that very quickly. So have Fun with the Interesting Stories that one or the other crazy or Doctor tells you and take the Legs in your Hand before you get your Foot chopped off:D And don't forget to close the Door:P I give 9 out of 10 Points! Part 2 (Outlast-Whistleblower) is also highly recommended! If you liked my Review, follow our Review Program and discover more Reports about Games you might like:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Pros:-One of the best horror atmospheres ever-Adequate Greeting, with partly detailed Textures and partly blurred Textures-Excellent musical Accompaniment of Events and ingenious Use of the appropriate Sound effects-Sufficient Number of Batteries and Fair Distribution-The Story is Written through Documents and very good and professional voice acting-The whistleblower DLC is excellently integrated into the Main Game and represents a clear Added value-The Game Technique is flawless and works-Very fair Checkpoint Distribution-The individual Characters are unchallenged creepy and uniquely evil-Very dark and varied Locations (Sewer, yard, Interior, cellar, etc.)-The Video Camera is a great inclusive Gameplay Feature, which significantly enhances the immersion-The Neglected Corpses are well staged-The Auxiliary is constantly pressed upon you-Since there are the two Brothers who are quite civilized about it Entertain who of them is allowed to eat which Part of our Innards (Rarely had such a comic Gut Feeling) Cons:-Part unclear level design (Air Shafts Are too hidden Or Climbing Points are placed too inconspicuously, making the Game partly degenerate into Trial-and-Error-Something short Game time (Main Game and DLC) Conclusion: Outlast is clearly one of the scariest Play of all Time. The frantic Car Chases mean that you don't, as usual, fight your way through the World like a Rambo, but feel more like a little Boy who has to keep your Distance from the big and strong boys. The Staging here is excellent. One integrates into the Game very quickly and experiences directly at First how cruel and frightening the World is in Outlast. The Jumpscares are so unpredictable and unpleasant at first that you lose your Nerve at every single Door or Passage in the course of the Game. And that's awesome! To solidify The Basic Fear at the Beginning is brilliant. At Outlast, I was glad to have finally played through it. Not in a negative Sense, of course, but rather a Relief to no longer be exposed to the Horror. So horror is Fun!
This game in a nutshell is just an amalgam of overused horror tropes, an overused horror location, and a generically '"strange" story. The game can't even provide decent scares, opting for poorly executed and lazy jump scares until the very end.
«Waste of time»
Aside from the maniacal doctor encounter, Outlast isn't that scary. There are tense moments abound, but it's never reaaally scary. Those tense moments do prove to be pretty fun and even humorous. A friend of mine described Outlast as a 'haunted house simulator,' but I don't think this is true. There are some moments that feel that way, but really the chases feel like chases, and duping the abominations of the asylum is a lot of fun. The story is a bit muddled and told through notes, which I never really read. By the end, I had a basic, yet confused understanding of what was going on. The climax is lame, but everything building up to that is pretty fun. 

All in all, I recommend it. 
«Sit back and relax»
After a couple of persecutions and screamers you grow immune to all of it just because there aren't any more mechanics, and the story doesn't improve either. At all.
«Game over at last!»