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Rise of the Triad review
by Tzeelim

First, this game is not perfect. There are some perfomance issues and glitches. Sounds and voice acting are far from great, moreover sound design is strange (by that I mean the use of these sounds, like when the main character drops some lines it is funny at first, but they do it so often, that it annoys you really soon). Movement is too fast for some players. Enemies are like god damned ninjas - you never spot them unless they attack you. Not many weapons to choose from. Level design is okay, lots of secret areas to explore. So, why do I recommend the game? With everything said, it is still way better than other dumb-ass FPS titles around here after 2010. If you miss a good bloodbath with a good old rocket launcher in your hands - go for it.

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Very successful 1 to 1 Remake of "Rise of the Triad: Dark War" (1994) and really recommended in the Sale but a Must for real Old-school Gamers! A First-person shooter with fast Action, thick Weapons, lots of violence, rough sayings, trick Jumps, Jump Pads, Quests as well as lots of secrets and provides a few Hours of Fun. Unfortunately only one Single Player, for Co-op mode it was not enough and In Multiplayer (DM, TDM, CTF) there is nothing left except for smaller Community Activities. But another Co-op mo ... Possibility?
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In itself, a very good Game. I can understand the Hatred of the Community on some Points, but the Game is not as bad as it is presented here. The Bouncy Passages are a Grey, yes. The Controls were also a little dirty, but we are not dealing with an AAA Game. A very important positive Point for me is that there is no DLC there, I just hate to buy a Game for ~ 60€ and then get pressed into the Fresco that there is further Stuff for €200 (Payday 2, Evolve and as they are all called). Unfortunately, the Performance is genuine at ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ neither on my PC nor on my Notebook it ever really ran smoothly. This makes it possible to forget the system requirements that Have been specified. The Soundtrack is really good and fits. So Those who call reasonably up-to-date hardware their own can try it out quietly, but in Some cases they can be quite heavy, which I don't see as negative.
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Nazi Quake I myself have pulled a lot of Quake and Unreal Tournament and Loved The movement and the Game dynamic. Rise of Triad probably wanted to connect these two Games and out came a Game that would actually be good if you had noticed some Things. The Maps are all not designed for the Moving System, the Rooms are mostly too small or not spacious enough, the Jumpsuits don't feel good and the Platforms are bad rather than right. Another Problem is AI because it has various exposes and sometimes just stands around or runs against Doors. The Weapons always feel the same and don't bring much Variety to the Action except the special Locks that only last a While (which is ok). The Aiming Doesn't feel exactly what bothers me personally, and there is unfortunately no Coop either. Verdict: The Game at least tried to get a little closer to the good old Shooter roots but didn't quite make it. There is a Workshop that offers a lot but that is not enough to recommend it for the Full Price, it would rather wait until it is on offer.
Am a big fan of old FPS games - from Duke 3D to Doom to Exhumed/Powerslave. But this is a half-hearted attempt to bring all the nostalgia feelings in gamers like me.
Tbh, this is half-finished at best. Lots of perfomance issues, gameplay issues, AI sucks ass, levels are dull, no style or originality in it.
Hard Reset from the same devs was no great game but at least it got some polishing before it was released. Or go replay One Unit Whole Blood instead. Seriously, that late 90's game is much better than this 2013 "remake."
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
Cons: Levels are way too small. I experienced lots of clipping issues. Enemies are hard to spot due to the overall visuals. When you are shot at, you just don't know who is doing it. No quicksaves. Pros: Multiplayer is fun. I'd say the original was better. I also miss some classic game modes that were not there when I played it. You may like it if you've played all your favorite FPSs and looking for something new and lightweight, however I wouldn't recommend it.
You won't find a solid story or any kind of realism here. But it has a great run-n-gun gameplay that retor FPS fans might find nostalgic. The gaming experience is dark, gritty, brutal and fairly bloody. The only con is it is glitchy sometimes. However, this is not the game to look on the marvelous environment, you came here to kill.

All in all, this is a great game with many good old tricks and things. Somebody might feel that this is sometimes too much of a classic game, and it even has a classic mode that brings back the old sounds (however, modern metal remakes are great too). If you are looking for some light-minded FPS experience, check this one.