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Unepic review
by Tzeelim

A real RPG disguised as a platformer. It is not very hard, though the ending and some bosses are challenging. Oftentimes you need a strategy more than just good reaction and jumping around, this is what makes it a great RPG. Faults are - humor is mildly funny, but some people will find it annoying. Also the game is very long, but this time it is not really a fault, just be prepared that you can't rush it through in two evenings.
On the whole, Unepic is way more epic than most "epic" RPGs out there. There's lots of creativity, solid writing, balanced gameplay. What else do you need to enjoy it?

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«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A very humorous and fun game that didn't just make me laugh once. Especially the Co-op is a lot of Fun for me. In this Game I especially find the Boss fights, because with mere blown up you don't get far. Patience and Testing different Tactics are in Focus. The Game is very versatile and you can develop your Character freely, as well as it is also possible in Pen & Paper Role-playing. The Humour is not neglected either. Overall, it's a Game that doesn't take itself too seriously, but is still not easy.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I played for about 10 Hours with a Friend Unepic and I liked it very much. The Control with the Keyboard has passed into the Blood within a few Minutes, although you have to say that you need more Hotkeys in the later Course of the game. The first Levels are easy to create for two. We have bitten out our teeth quite nicely at one or the other Final Opponents, but after we have learned the isolated Phases of the Boss we did not have to start a lvl a second time. And now the big BUT Unfortunately, the game is built so that you can't play the Story mode away for two in a row. This is not due to the not the hedging Of the Character, but rather because, in order to end the Story mode, You would have to play Grinding for Hours (already played lvl play again). The Monsters and Final Opponents will, from a certain Point on, be so badly frightened that you are so scared every time you meet them. In addition, if you do not know how to skil from the previous, you can only reset the Skillpoints once you have generated 5000 Gold. To compare, I had just under 300 gold after 10 std. In Addition, some Traders do not take Gold as a Price, but small Statues that you get after defeating a Final Opponent. The Retailers seem to be grinding a lot at the Prices, as they can also not be purchased or exchanged by gold. If you are betting on the fact that the people have to sklaze around then I expect to be able to read exactly somewhere what Skill is. That, alas, is nowhere to be found in the Game. You skillfully it and then find out how it expresses itself. Conclusion: Unfortunately, I can't recommend this Game even though the Idea of the Story hits exactly my taste. Unfortunately, you notice that the Makers here simply just buy Game time by repeating eternal And the Difficulty of the Levels is designed for 4 Players who would all have to Grind. I even considered buying the other Games advertised in the Game, but not according to this Principle. My Time is too valuable for that. What a pity!!!!
Unepic is a blend of a metroidvania, RPG, and childish humor you can find only here. It is great that this is an indie title, major publishers would have made the developer remove all these jokes. As for the gameplay, it is pretty sound. It has a decent weapon choice, lots of potions and items, so grinding is very rewarding. The pixelated visuals are nice for an indie game. I can't find a single point against playing Unepic, if you just hate metroidvania games or RPGs in general, than you probably won't like it (but give it a try at least!).
One of the best metroidvania games, funny, gritty, clever, solid gameplay, various bosses, diverse weapons, charming visuals. One of the indie must-haves that even AAA-fans should play.
Yet another metroidvania game, but quite a good one. The satisfying gameplay with lots of exploration and character development. Cheesy jokes, somebody finds them hilarious. I didn't, but I can live with that. The game is well worth playing and you should get it any time you have a chance.
Love this game! It blends exploration, RPG, and tactical combat and adds a handful of jokes and it is a pleasure to play. Lots of old-school elements will make you drop a tear. Bosses are awesome and various - from giant meat-eating worms to dragons. I heartily recommend this one to anyone who enjoys games.