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Sacred 2 Gold review
by Top Dawger

Lots of people play this game and constantly complain that it doesn't live up to their expectations. But I think that it is not a mediocre or bad game, it is just very simple. Mind, it is not easy though, it is just not complicated. Why do people love old run and gun hits but start whining when they see a hack-n-slash in a fantasy world? Come on, it is just a light-minded game, and to be honest it does everything it has to do to entertain. So if you are looking for an expansive fantasy world with lots of monsters to kill, Sacred 2 is the game to play.

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Hack 'n Slay in a stunning fantasy world Diablo clones there are many, but few can take on Sacred and Sacred II. While Sacred 2 only improves its already ingenious 2004 predecessor in detail, it adds a wonderful Look to it. Just measured by the Size of the World, and by the fact that the Game appeared back in 2008, this Look is quite impressive. Otherwise, there's what we know from Part 1: An open, vast fantasy world is to explore in Diablo fashion. To do this, we have Different Classes and countless Weapons at our disposal. The World boasts almost Innumerable Sidequests, and as many Monsters to be transported to the eternal Hunting Grounds. Too bad that the third Part was then developed by another Studio and so so hunched. That's why I can only guess: Stick to the grandiose Part 2!
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Sacred 2 stands out from other Genre colleagues, especially through the vast, open World full of Secrets and Lives. The Side tasks are thrillingly told and evoke the well-known Skyrim effect: On the Way to the next Main task you will find so many Side orders that after a short Time you have already forgotten why you actually travelled to the Village. The different Classes and Gods make the Game even more varied in addition to the Game world. However-at least with me-the Performance of the Game is no longer quite optimal. Already after the Installation you have to follow a few Steps in order for the Game to start at all. I also had to deal with strong Frame-break-ins in many Fights. Setting The Final Boss with an average of 5FPS is unfortunately not too much Fun. The Online Emultiplayer has already been switched off, but in the LAN the Game is still playable without much Trouble.
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As a diehard Sacred Fan with over hundreds of Hours to Sacred 1 (MIt Underworld Addon), I've now bought this Title. Control is slightly different, instead that is the Q Button for the Pull of Hell, it is now to collect the Item. Talk quite practically about the A Button it has been before. Control with the Keyboard I find quite well implemented (As a Minecraft Player you always play so xd) Camera setting, okay turning around takes getting used to, but you can fix that yourself Manually and for all those who fundamentally disturb it, represent your Camera perspective Just around .. There is such a thing as "Options" ^^ Also very nice are the many new Sets, which all have different Efficiencies ^^ only shortcoming that the Opponents do not really follow with the Level ... It's already a bit frustrating to make a lvl 21 Char lvl 18/19 Opponent flat, despite new Territory ^^ ' And not even all Quests were done. In other words, if you really do everything, the Opponents lag argh. Since the Survival Bonus doesn't help as much ^^ ' Everything in all great Game World Map is just Huge And the greatest task that keeps you on Your Toes: Find All The Ascaron cooperation:D It's 89 Pieces and the great Dragons not to forget which one you can lay again * _ *
I finished Sacred 2 for the very first time a few days ago. It is very promising in the beginning, although some interesting classes from the original were cut out (so long, vampiress). After some hours you understand that the world is much bigger than it has any right or point to be. After that the game becomes very tedious. The combat is still cool and manage to entertain you like it did in the first part. The visuals can be appealing at times. All in all, the first game was better.
Sacred 2 is often praised more than it deserves. It is not a bad game by any means, I am just saying it doesn't live up to the hype it got. Just a solid hack-and-slasher with average animations and monotonous combat. And this is bad, because to be honest Sacred 2 only brings a massive, yet very generic, fantasy world and fights, there's not much in the game apart from them. I think that there were no decent games of this type when Sacred 2 came out first, so I can understand the hype it got. But playing it a while afterwards reveals how dull and boring this game is with all grinding, looting, etc. Go play something else.
I have put approximately 120 hours into it, and must explain why it is so captivating. Sacred 2 is a Diablo clone, though closer to Titan Quest because of the size and relative non-linearity. The story isn't the greatest, but it doesn't promise to deliver the best story. It has probably one of the biggest worlds in RPGs that you can easily spend over 100+ hours on, exploring every corner and doing every side quest. The amount of content is whopping. Classes are also very varied and this adds to replayability. All in all, I'd say that this is the only Diablo clone out there that is far, far better than Diablo itself.
«Just one more turn»
The sequel to the classic original game establishes it as one of the best RPG series out there, short though. The world is huge, tons of dungeons and caves. Everything drops loot, so it's a great game if you like constant upgrading and customizing.
However I have to mention some problems: a terrible camera, a horrible map interface, lots of boring quests (especially side ones).
Overall, it's a good game and true to its spiritual ancestor (by which I mean Diablo) in all respects, warts and all. If you don't mind looting and grinding, play this one.