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Xanadu Next review
by supau

I really, really enjoyed this start to finish. Incredibly satisfying last castle and boss. it's hard to mark as Exceptional because it's "just another Falcom game," but it's also another great Falcom game. If you dig the formula, you'll dig this.
«Can’t stop playing»

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Microsoft from French
Finished at 8:30. I accidentally stumbled upon it. I never look at the news on steam, there's just too much but there passing for once for months, PAF, a game Falcom/XSEED: o. Moderate surprise because it's not a YS but I got a little inquired about it and it still looked nice. Enough for me to crack a few days after it's out. We stay in the A-RPG, but with his own mechanics that different well from YS. For example for fights, you will often want to attack sideways/in the back while waiting for the mob to attack before otherwise it will turn as fast as you. All your skills will come from weapons, skill books and accessories. Each weapon will give you a special skill. You will have this skill as long as you have the corresponding weapon, but you can also learn it definitively by force to use the-so-called weapon (reaching 100% in proficiency). The stat proficiency that there is on each weapon can rise to 200%, but from 100% the only interest is to increase the attack power of the weapon. There are also guards (12), to be seen as big passive. You can equip only one at a time, and there's everything: up HP, XP gain, proficiency, drop rate, potions effectiveness, etc. At any time you will not be able to have more than 4 skills in your bar, and 4 accessories. By progressing you will have via some accessories new capabilities that will open you access to the sequel of the adventure and to various bonus chests, much like in a notes if one wants, but light all the same. You can switch them anytime. On the other hand when you play the joystick (I found it more comfortable), it's pretty painful as it is because the position of the mouse is reset every time you move to the center of the screen, do not move the shot. I do not know if it will be changed, there are some minor bugs that need to be corrected ATM. At first I was not convinced by the game, but it became more interesting progressively. After I still have to go visit the Dungeon "bonus", I think I missed the entry in a previous area of the game but you can go back when you want (there are several TP a little everywhere). The last area of the game is just immense and it is she who should have had "Labyrinth" in the name, not the previous. The bosses are not very numerous nor at the height of the YS unfortunately, just as the difficulty is not at the level of YS but it still remains good and it is clearly not impossible to die. As much with some armor we take nothing more with physical damage as the magic continues to sting. After some mobs will always be there to get you screwed no matter what you wear. Small special mention to the liches, I got robbed a level like this, it's free. Apparently it is if you are too close that they can do this, first time I see such a mechanics in a game. There are some puzzles scattered in the game too, either to progress in the main adventure or for various treasures. As many are of the level of a Zelda, as many others are a less obvious hair. In short, overall it was cool. As said I will go and see a little Dungeon bonus 26 storeys. I will also try to catch the few skills I miss (3 or 4 seems to me from the holes in the interface), climb to the Max rank the guardians who are not yet, maybe look for the 8% of treasures not found (at the ending screen it indicated to me 92% found ) and then voilou. No 100%, already because the successes are bugged for a good part ATM, but also because one of them asks to have the maximum rank by finishing the game, and it seems rather infamous to catch in fact. One is noted on the time put (13h31 IGT, I had D), the level reached (C, LVL 18), the skills obtained (B, 38), the treasures found (C, 92%), the potions used (D), the damage suffered (D), the dead (D) and the number of backups (D). Original message on CPC [].