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Unreal 2: The Awakening review
by Top Dawger

I don’t get people whining about the story. Yes, it is linear, but was Half-Life non-linear? Did you lots of choices? No. That said, I think the plot is still creative and interesting. As for the other things: the weapons are fun to use, there are some jump-scares, and the enemies are interesting. It’s probably cheap as hell now, so go buy it you like classic FPS.

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Microsoft from Russian
Mass Effect in the bud the Most important thing to consider before buying the second part of the famous Taitla from Epic-it is not Unreal. Did you like the magical, mysterious and enchanting atmosphere of the first part? Were You thrilled with her? Well, you just need to imagine for a second that the game has nothing to do with the old franchise-it's just a classic shooter with a storyline. Then from Unreal 2 You will have fun, because many could not do it, constantly looking back and comparing the game with the revolutionary hit of 1998. The Game was not even developed by Epic Games, but some Legend Entertainment (the studio was closed immediately after the release of the multiplayer addon to Unreal 2). Why was the publisher silent and put himself as a developer? Imagine What will happen if you take Mass Effect, cut out all the RPG elements, cut the game time to 8 hours and shove it in a clean-blooded shooter format. Get Unreal 2: The Awakening. On the spot, an epic plot, a study of beautiful and unusual planets, rich bestiary, interesting design, as well as a cozy spaceship, which can be enough to resemble and chat with his team between tasks. And the last highlight on this cake is the soundtrack from Jack Volla, composer Mass Effect. U2 in due time became for me one of the first shooters with a high-quality plot, excellent (and even humoristic) dialogues and good elaboration of the world. The characters here are not dull-tempered, who give you monotonous briefings, and quite a live characters with their cockroaches, over there facetious and unique character. After each assignment I studied the ship attentively, talked with the heroes and helped them with good advice. It is only for this purpose to pass this game. Unfortunately, the visual and story shell does not save from A pretty little gameplay. As a shooter The project came out simple, toothless and quite boring. Before the credits of the player are kept plot, atmosphere and unusual worlds, but not a high-quality gameplay component. Comrade Nomad ( has quite clearly outlined the situation with the gameplay in the game: "The Gameplay is frankly weak and represents, in fact, one solid borrowing. There is no enigma, drive, romance, fear of the unknown that accompanied us during the first part of the game. "From myself I will add that the intellect of opponents does not shine originality, all of them as dumb rod on your bullets and die pretty quickly. It is Doubly offensive to watch this behavior in Skarjay, who were very clever and cunning creatures in the first game, they even helped to pretend to be dead, and here is just a rod on the bullets. Ideal example, when high-quality visual and narrative content makes abstract from the name of the game (I remind-it is not Unreal) and close your eyes to the mediocre shooter component. That'S just not all players can see it and take it, so the project and has sunk into oblivion. I think it's undeservedly.