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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen review
by Tramandai

This is a third-person RPG where you play as the "arisen" that can control "pawns" - the guys who look and act like humans, except they don't really die. So one of the key things in the game is to build a cool party with synergy, so you will have to try various pawns. I managed to build quite a neat party and this makes every fight with monster amazing and satisfying. Btw, monsters are gorgeous here, and the ability to climb a monster to destroy its key parts to take it down is epic, especially when you are hanging on the wing of some griffon and it starts ascending in the sky. Clearly, combat is very well done and it is perhaps the strongest point of the game. You can also see some Japanese influence here from some games like Soul Calibur, etc. I like this game, it has its flaws (the story was lame to me), but I'd recommend it anyways.

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all time fave
At first I thought it's weird and confusing, now I'm on my third playthrough. Probably the best Action RPG out there. I want the sequel Capcom! And please, let Itsuno-san have his dream game this time.
Great combat RPG.

Atrocious story.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Information Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a classic action RPG and offers a gigantic New Area, new Missions, Enemies and much more in addition to all the contents of the original release (PS3/XBOX 360)! Gameplay A beautiful Day, the Fishing Village of Kassardis is attacked by the Dragon Gregori. Where the Dragon comes from and what his Intentions are, will not be answered until the End of the Game. Your (previously self-created) Character is the only one who opposes the Dragon, but is defeated relatively quickly. The Dragon snatches in the Heart and marks it with the Sign of the Dragon. From now on you will be able to recruit Vassals and you set out to find the Dragon as a so-called Awakener. This is how your long Journey begins ... Combat System The Combat System runs very smoothly and it is massively Fun to fight your Way through the Monster Hordes. Each Class plays differently. In the Beginning there are also 3 different Classes Available, later there are several. While as a Warrior with powerful Pebbs, you mow everything down, the Forest Ranger attacks with strong Bow Attacks and quick Daggers until the Archmage lets go of his all-crushing Attack. The Fight against big Opponents is usually very exciting and can last half an Hour at least at the beginning. Pro + Incredible Story + Liquid and Realistic Character Animations + Beautiful Soundtrack + Very Well Optimized Port (FPS Run Smooth Like Butter) + Huge Open World With Multiple Dungeons + Unique Fun Class Systems + Super Magic Effects + Epic Boss battles + high level cap + challenging Opponents + day/night cycle + high quality Voices of the Protogonists + Companion system that can learn hostile Weaknesses + Quick Travel System + rich Inventory weight system + equipment and Weapons can Improved + many Side Quests + achievements and Trading Cards Contra-mild Environment textures-noticeable Pop-In-comical Healing System in the Group party-high Number of Consumption types/Variants-lengthy crafting system-unnecessary, chatty companions ( Can be disabled in the Options)-storage System could have been solved better-blunt dealer system-repetitive NPC Dialogues conclusion Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Delivers a tangible action experience and combines gripping, impulsive Struggles with Freedom, Explore a lush, living World. It's the perfect Mix between classic Capcom action adventures like Devil May Cry or Onimusha, which together incorporates an Atmosphere of the Dark Souls series, the boss fight Mechanics of Shadow of Colossus. Clear Buy recommendation.
Combat is very good with all the combos and chains you can do, and spells are some of the most epic I've seen in RPGs. They look spectacular and you'll never tire of some juicy squashing enemies with meteorites and piking them through with ice bolts. The leveling system and the ability to change classes are quite good and entertaining. Bosses are unique and diverse, and there are multiple approaches to beat each one.
This is, as far as I remeber, the only action RPG that allows you to climb on top of big enemies and slash them down in parts. I do it every time I have a chance. Great game.
This is the best open world RPG in line with The Elder Scrolls series. It is not perfect for everyone, but within the genre of RPG it is a shining example of how games should be made – starting from the character creator to to the combat system. The gameplay is amazing with fast-paced fights and diverse enemies. There is a well-made story, so you won't feel purposelessly cutting through enemies. There are beautiful surroundings that will take your breath away in some moments. The amount of content is stupendous. Being an RPG fan you don't want to miss this great game.