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The Witcher review
by Robert Davidson

There is a worthwhile, mature, and well-told story here, unfortunately marred by a game with notable quest and animation bugs, and I experienced more than a few crashes. The voice acting is all at an exactly middling level, which might have dragged down another RPG, but the tale being told is enthralling enough that the niceties of a truly good performance aren't too missed. The combat has its clunkinesses and movement can lean more toward lurching, but its design is still such that increasing difficulty is more about making the preparation and execution more cerebral rather than just more punishing. While the modding community may not have made as much content as say, Skyrim's, it's worth noting that there are solid additions to the game's mechanics and graphics out there. The only real gripe I have (apart from the crashes I mentioned) is that Geralt's journey is very solidly stuck in the male gaze when he encounters women. This man has a surprising amount of sex just by selecting two or three dialogue options expressing concern or empathy, and each encounter gets you a painting of the rendezvous added to your journal; this game has a fap folder in its journal, and it is entirely unnecessary and could be very troubling to some.

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The gameplay is faux rythm game whack, but there is a pearl of an RPG hidden here
Plays super jank, but the story is great
I was not expecting after starting this game to like it. I'm a huge fan of the books and the third game, but I loved this one independently. The such good story, the places, characters and the environment makes it exceptional. 
«Blew my mind»
The Witcher is a great game
At first, the game may seem boring and incomprehensible, but believe me, you should go through this game.
The game is incredibly full of quests. Even an ordinary order for the monster will be interesting to perform.

«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»