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7 Days to Die review
by Jake A. Strife

If you want a story, you're in the wrong place. This survival building genre thing grew old. I didn't enjoy Minecraft... and Honestly I thought oh, zombies! Fun! But then you jump into this super buggy, incomplete feeling game, and get killed shortly after starting--Not by zombies, but by a damn grizzly bear. Survival is tough. Maybe one day I'll try again, but I doubt it. Games w/o stories aren't worth it.
«Waste of time»
Sir Lagsalot
This is not a game for single player. They don't explicitly say that, but when there are 3-5 players it's fun. Otherwise, it's somewhat scary but ultimately boring

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I now let my Experiences speak of 269 std Playing time. First of all, I have a conditional Purchase Recommendation. Gameplay: You'll be thrown into a finished world or a generated world depending on what you choose. Where the generated World is the better Choice for starters, as the Levels are better tuned and there are plenty of Places for first Base. But what do you need a Base for, simply to protect yourself against Zombies. These are a Danger in many Places. There are the Zombies that run on the Street, the ones sleeping in Houses (Sleepers), who wander through the World (Horde) and who hunt the One purposefully when the night dawns for the 8th Day. In addition to the "normal zombies, there are various special zombies (Policeman, Big/D, spider, football Player, Rocker, Lumberjack, rector and Feral) each of them is human in Nature and has special Abilities. In addition to the human Zombies, there are also a Pair of Animals (Dogs and Bears) that could not resist the Virus and became Zombies. Now we already know the Dangers of the Undead, but there are even more Dangers, be it the Fauna (Wolves, bears, Vultures, etc.), the Flora (Cacti) or the last Traces of a Civilization (Mines and other Traps). But what do you do to overcome these Dangers? You go looten/plunder and not too little. While at the Beginning you can still search individual Houses, Cars or Garbage, you quickly find yourself forced to search in a more dangerous Area ... A City. Here, the Danger awaits in every House and around every Corner. What do you do with the Plunder found? Man crafts. While the Main Focus at the beginning is on An Armament, you quickly realize that it doesn't do you much good if you don't have a Home. This one expands oneself or one expands an existing House. Here you notice a new Problem. You especially need Resources such as Iron Where do you get them? From Stones that lie on the Surface or from the Earth, so you dig a Face. And so you hang out from Problem to Problem until you have a decent Foothold and can defy everyone driven. But what are the work to be done? One wants to survive the 7th Night, because then make the Zombies hunt for one while the first is still relatively easy to master it becomes more difficult from Night to night. Graphic: The Graphics can be described as deficient In a clear conscience, the Textures are not particularly beautiful, the Models (Zombies and Players) are questionable. BUT it fits. The Atmosphere through the dim Light and the sometimes unclean Textures gives you the Feeling of being in an Apocalypse. Furthermore, with each update the Graphics adjusted it runs hard ahead but it gets better. Level System: To survive in the Apocalypse there is Help in the Form of Level, which is fed with experienced people depending on the Activity. These Activities leveln in two Directions, Player Level and Skill level. Player Level: By increasing the Player Level, you get Skill Points that can be invested in Skills. Skill Level: By increasing the Skill Level, new Recipes and Bonuses can be unlocked to better compete against the Zombies. Multiplayer: There are two Modis: Survival/Survival: The classic Survival experience, in Multiplayer come alongside the well-known driven (above) the greatest Danger, the enemy player. And Horde: This is all about Teamwork, because one Horde after another comes to you, which you have to fight off with built weapons. You should not forget to build up your Base either;) If the Game itself is no longer a Challenge for you, there are already Mods that freshen up the Game's Experience. Can highly recommend the Valmod and the War of the walkers. Should bad Graphics and a Beginner Unkind game not deter you but challenge you should watch this Game and enjoy Graphics should be the most important or you should be taken by Mutti at the Hand of Mutti you should take another one Choose Game.