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Aaru's Awakening review
by Jake A. Strife

A short, fun game. If you have some time to kill, pick it up. It's both easy and challenging at the same time. Take a chance.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Aaru's Awakening is a 2D platformer with a very nice Drawn look. The Game contains certain Elements of an action platformer, but at Its core it is clearly a Platformer With very little Run and a lot of jump or the interesting Feature of Teleporting to the Position to which one has thrown a Kind of ball. Although the Level Design is really nice, the Story is rather tangled but beautiful and the Look is really good as I said, I can really recommend the Game only to People with a certain masochistic Disposition, because it is brutally heavy and very frustrating. If this does not deter, you should get a taste of it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This game at first I parecío a candy that had to drive the tooth however when I lower it does not take up much space on the HDD I realized that the idea was far from eons of what this title really consists. In essence it looks like a platform game without more but just take a look at the interface structure of the worlds and see what we are facing. The genre is well known on Steam as a hybrid between platforms and puzzles, but to the count that many of this type, is based on the ability that we have as a player because the mechanics are quite simple, so I find it difficult, in addition to many of the Achievements are subject to the time when we complete the levels. It is also observed an element called trial and error, ie there will be screens that we will have to repeat several times, in particular certain points to be successful. At The graphic level I was surprised because the aesthetics of the different scenarios seem to be elaborated and plotted entirely by hand, that must be taken into account because it gives a certain rarity and originality. I Want to Restacarlo the library and still something more and is that I pretend to be in the weekly offers at a reasonable price and with this I mean that this below the 5 euros as it has several years on the back and it is time for lovers of this Typology that you enjoy. In conclusion I see it very interviewed maybe it has not been valued enough and I want to convey that it is worthwhile, I am somewhat rusty to give a stitch on 10, but if my memory does not fail me this far above the threshold of 70 according to Metacritic and is more received some Award for the indie panorama. Comment that at the technical level is brilliant optimized, nor say it is triple A so that at the level of requirements is very light and as I added to the start is not very heavy perhaps less than 2 gigs... That's all b_H89.