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Knowledge is Power review
by Андрей Рощевкин

We tried it 4 times but topics and questions never were the same. I suppose it will be ok even for 2 players.
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
The game is fun - when it works !! It seems very difficult to connect the devices to the console. Usually, it only works for some of everyone who tries, type 3 of 4. nnu is it that some of the players are thrown out almost when the entire game is finished - just to put down the round. Sad! Fixing stability makes this a hero. Now it's just frustrating and makes you disappointed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
This morning played with family, nice! I also download that but once I thought ... Installation on the playstation went fine. But after multiple attempts to connect the ios app and have adjusted the internet settings several times, entered ip addresses manually and finally tried a hotspot, the app still can't find my playstation. This while I am talking to the official companion app of playstation within a minute ... Too bad, because if it works it is a super entertaining game ...
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Nothing to say about questions and functionality, but the powers? The animations immediately after the choice of powers are childish !! As well as the very choice of powers! They waste so much time when the removal of powers and animations would save much more time. The selection of powers also takes place in the last level of the pyramid where, although only one power can be chosen, the game asks you to select it and wait for the animations. 1 star for this childish side. Without it it would be 5 stars.